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Currently A Free App – Rayman Fiesta Run Mobile Game


Every so often we all need just a tad of good skill testing action to relieve the boredom while waiting for an appointment or as a welcome entertaining time filler during our daily commutes, this game will hit the spot every time to fulfil that need.

Rayman Fiesta Run game is a normally paid for app, however it is currently offered for free in the Apple iStore until 12 November 2015. Players will enjoy this tremendously entertaining mobile game that requires them to play and party through numerous kooky landscapes. This new Fiesta Run delivers yet another classic entry to add into the venerable Rayman range of games, the new version offers a playing style very similar to its predecessor Rayman Jungle Run. In this latest chapter of the range, the Rayman must once again be guided across colourful levels to overcome numerous zany obstacles. Gameplay is fairly long with over 75 brand-new levels to conquer and run through before you are welcomed at the Fiesta.


Rayman will this time be bouncing along on sausages while making his way across its four entirely new festivity bedecked worlds, before reaching the end of play he will also need to defeat all three of the epic new bosses in order to find his way to the fearful Land of the Livid Dead Island. In order to overcome the challenges and level bosses players will be needing to collect Lums in order to receive incredible rewards as well as the badly needed power ups.

To perform all these tasks so he may reach his goal players will this time be required to make him fly, run up walls, jump, as well as punch, you will receive further assistance from his newfound abilities to swim, slide, or even shrink on the move into a diminutive hero, with his ultimate weapon being your ability to unleash the strength of his Super Punch.
All players that is and I need of a bit of platforming action must make sure they download the app while it still free from the Apple iStore before 12 November, where-after it will return to being a fully paid app.

Smart Price Comparison Apps


Consumers are increasingly feeling financial pressure and are forced to cut down on their rapidly dwindling expendable income. However, if one shops smart they can cut down on their shopping related stresses, especially during this time of year just before the start of the festive season when everyone goes out gift shopping for friends and loved ones.


Smartphone users will benefit from numerous quite brilliant price comparison apps to assist in their harried shopping by sourcing the best possible prices on their required gifts and other items both in store and on-line. The apps offer all kinds of assistance from deal aggregators to on-line shopping tools and barcode scanners, these combinations will provide an assistive tool for each kind of shopper, available on both iOS and Android devices.

Purchx currently offers their app on iOS, with an Android version arriving in the near future, the app previously went under the name Consumr. It offers users a price comparison tool that speedily allows you to conduct side-by-side product assessments, read both professional and peer reviews, as well as compare prices available on-line to those available in store. The app was developed by the holding company of the well-known Tom’s Guide, it searches for and presents numerous professional reviews sourced from reliable entities like LaptopMag, Tom’s Guide, Tom’s Hardware, and AnandTech. Users can add their personal reviews whereby they can earn rewards dependent on how assistive their information turns out to be.

RedLaser is available to both iOS and Android users, the app originally started out as a simple barcode scanner, but has now grown into something much larger. Its current version has integrated price comparison feature that will provide its users with the best possible price on any scanned item. It too allows a comparison between land-based and on-line retailers, the capacity to present product reviews as well as numerous related products that may be of interest as an alternative, as well as making users aware of any available discount codes. Users can also store their loyalty card information directly in the app to make it even more convenient.

The Best Mobile Shopping Apps Currently Available


The can be no better electronic platform for shopping than a mobile device for the obvious reason that it is always with its user when the addictive need and instant opportunity arises to indulge in resolving your latest shopping fantasy. One of the greatest opportunistic achievements of on-line stores was in moving their wares from desktops into easily navigable mobile apps. This

Modern lifestyles does not always allow one to go hunting for the specific item your heart desires in land-based stores since its time-consuming and if one lives in a bid city can be a real time-consuming hassle commuting to and fro between your different favourite shopping spots. All these pains are negated by simply doing your shopping in an on-line establishment we can easily and instantly see what is in stock, the available colours, sizes, weights and any other technical specifications pertaining to your particular item, brand, style, ETA, and at what price. These factors become especially important and true during this pre-festive season shopping period, the below apps are the best of their kind and will make life much easier than for the right item, size, colour and then standing in long queues in order to pay for your latest heart’s desire.

PayPal wallet app

The free PayPal wallet app has made a killing within this product category. More than 18 months ago, it was for the first time, voted the most recognized brand of mobile wallet and shortly thereafter it once again defeated all-comers in a customer vote of trust. This feat could not even be pulled off by the massive Google themselves, PayPal however fully deserves the accolade because despite hard to measure factors like trust and perception the app offers such a variety of payment methods and shopping features it simply deserves the award based on that alone. The app offers it users the capacity to pay at the storefront cash register or alternatively place a future order with its accompanied pre-payment at restaurants and a multitude of other shopping institutions both on-line and land-based. Additionally has the capacity to manage numerous payment sources and even forward money to a friend.

Amazon’s on-line mobile store has become a personal deity to some shoppers where the on-line shopping world simply belongs to Amazon and the rest of us just lives and it. This on-line giant retailer completely replaced land-based shops for great multitude of people, it remains in the lead with an ever accumulating client base. The app offers brilliant features that categorises in more ways that make shopping on-line much simpler than it ever has been before, which makes your phone shopping more tempting than visiting a busy mall on a Saturday morning during your limited free time.

New Android Games Demanding Attention This November


The titles discussed below will certainly make a handsome addition to any avid mobile gamer’s play arsenal in the run-up to the December holidays, however these games offer such great entertainment value they just might become a permanent fixture to be enjoyed for many months to come. This roundup represents some of the ultimate games available on Android, the current offering includes a puzzler and an endless runner to provide some variety


Prune is described as a love letter all trees, it is also a game that won several awards after become available on iOS earlier in 2015. Android users can now also beef up their brain power with this puzzler, where players need to cultivate trees. After your tree starts growing you will be required to carefully trim the branches to ensure it grows to its full height. When the sun hits the branches they start flowering, after a certain number flowered you’ve beaten the level. As players progress the obstacle numbers standing in their way to successfully cultivate and encourage their tree to grow to full height also increase. Prune represents one of those rare kinds of Android games that offers a meditative and minimalist look that somehow manages to still remain perfect for mobile platforms and is truly a wonderful creation in all aspects visually, conceptually, as well as aurally.

QuickBoy is a free zombie themed endless runner which is a whole is probably one of the least original ideas you could hope for, however make no mistake that definitely won’t stop players from enjoying QuickBoy. The game is brilliantly crafted with excellently responsive controls which is extremely important in this style of quick reaction gameplay. It offers the typical side scrolling auto runner design which requires players to display a precise sense of timing in order to avoid the enemy while jumping over obstacles that cross your way. The game presentation is impeccable, with high quality artwork and graphics displaying a post-apocalyptic, tan coloured world. The game menus have been carefully thought out to deliver an ideal placement with well thought out options. The game will offers excellent follow-up entertainment to Fallout Shelter.

Great New Games To Last Till Xmas

Nubs' Adventure

The current period in the run-up to the festive season has traditionally represented one of the most exciting periods for game releases where players are spoilt by a near impossible to play number of new game releases. In order to make life a bit easier to choose with sorted through most of the chaff and came up with some of the best forms of mobile video game entertainment currently available.

Nubs' Adventure1

Nubs’ Adventure presents us with another fantastic looking pixelated graphic style games that are currently considered to be highly fashionable with their retro styling. This 2-D platformed game allows the player to control Nubs, a character with a mission to rebuild and repair his home in the wake of its destruction by the Reds. Players will be able to manoeuver Nubs through a sequence of four worlds where different levels weave together, intertwining in a highly interesting manner. Additionally players will get to defeat numerous challenging game bosses along the way, with puzzles that will rack your brain, however without leaving you totally frustrated. The adventure journey is both challenging and charming in this amazingly fun 2D game.

Hitman: Sniper once again features Hitman 47 a legendary antihero that now with this game has made his second bow on the android platform. However this time round Hitman 47 Enters players into a Gun sniping game with faint overtones of a number of similar titles appearing on consoles set-top boxes a number of years ago. The current game launches into action in Montenegro, where Sniper instructs you to take up targets chosen across no less than 150 mission levels. Players have the option of disguising their kills via the use of imaginative employment of your environment making it seem like an accident, or alternatively to shoot them yourself. As players proceed through the game carrying out numerous missions and hits, the will unlock new weapon upgrades, with blueprints to uprate their weapons arsenal in this extremely addictive, quite fun, violent and dark action adventure.

A New Week Of Great Gaming Entertainment

LEGO Batman Beyond Gotham

With Halloween holidays and celebrations now behind us players can look forward to be spoilt by an absolute smorgasbord of new gaming titles that will be released in the very short run up to the crazy season lasting from now until the Christmas holidays. The following are the first and best of the new releases before the forthcoming holidays.

LEGO Batman Beyond Gotham1

LEGO as a company, have over the years turned a great number of its franchises into excellent third person action video games in its rich history, in recent years few people would not remember the world acclaimed Harry Potter, Star Wars, as well as JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings saga. Its new game LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham became available on set-top box consoles in the latter part of 2014, and now this great action title arrived on the Play Store’s shores amongst great fanfare from the dark knight Saga’s enthusiasts. Gameplay demands that players bold and battle their way through DC’s universe by solving puzzles and donning character costumes to provide your Batman character with a variety of unique powers. Gameplay fortunately remains pretty straightforward, however the interesting presentation, spellbinding story line and its off-beat sense of humour provided by the designers will ensure players keep returning for further non-stop action sequences. Players will have to shell out just $4.99 to download their own copy from the Play store and this price includes additional in-app purchases, anyone familiar with all the LEGO game releases during the past decade will certainly fit right in and feel completely at home in this next in line dark knight saga.

NRG Energy’s latest in mobile videogame entertainment is called The Path to Luma and is a perfect example of what genuinely excellent free games are available in the Play Store, and above all it achieves this without even offering any in app purchases. Gameplay engages its fans in a puzzle style play located on a range of tiny spinnable planets, where players will be required to guide a Sustainability Augmentation Model or just known as SAM as it moseys across each of these planet surfaces all fulfilling a number of tasks that will deliver energy each of the worlds. Players would normally suspect that games advocating the development of sustainable energy might be a bit lame, but the game bought some truly evocative designs and interesting colour palettes which can of makes one feel as one might be returning life to these planets through your own, oh sorry no, SAM’s actions.

Pokémon Pokes Its Head Out Early This November

Pokémon Shuffl

This November promises to be an exciting month for all aficionados of mobile gaming, with many new games appearing in the prelude to the festive season and the two games discussed below will provide players with a small taste of the excellence still to come in the run-up to Christmas.

Pokémon Shuffl1

Pokémon Shuffle will be the very first Android based Pokémon game to be launched outside the borders of Japan. It was developed by the same team responsible for all the Game Boy platform releases of the Pokémon RPGs, and now the Pokémon Company has released it as a free puzzle game. Players are required to match three game symbols much along the same vein as can be seen in the world annexing Candy Crush Saga, however in this game every stage becomes a battle to defeat one of the Pokémon characters. Players completing a level will be given an opportunity to capture the Pokémon they faced, with your chances much improved or worsened dependent on your performance during your battle for victory. As an example, players completing the stage with three moves in hand will see these converted into points which are then added level score, the higher points the very your odds of capturing your Pokémon. The style of gameplay reward is a great idea as it encourages players to think strategically and engage in smarter gameplay.

Card Crawl will see players dealt card hand illustrating potions, weapons, monsters, and coins all combine to form the obstacles in a dungeon they need to battle their way through. The object of the game being to capture a complete deck of 52 cards from the AI opponent’s card deck, this is accomplished by utilising the players’ dealt card hand to battle and defeat enemies or alternatively equip your own character with improved weaponry. To be successful at Card Crawl players will need to employ careful consideration as to which cards they will play and which ones to leave discarded on the table. Gameplay is free and offers a clever turn-based style of play where players are able to unlock all its features for a three buck one-time payment.

October Is Over & November Kicks Off Banging

Dungeon Boss1

On Google play the start of any new month, more than any other time, is accompanied by an absolute smorgasbord of new apps that are introduced to the market, by due to the massive
variety available on Google Play it always saves a massive amount of time to let someone else explore the market to determine the best apps that have become available.

Dungeon Boss

Fans of the highly popular Star Wars Sci-Fi fantasy series will be glad to know that a new episode dubbed Star Wars: Uprising was recently released on mobile to bridge a gap that existed between its previous Episode VI and the yet to arrive Episode VII. In the new bridging episode players not only get to play out the next story ahead of its official Episode VII film release this December they will be able to do so in this incredible action packed game that offers co-operative gameplay. This new game introduces completely new quests where players will be able to level up the characters.

Dungeon Boss launches players into a dungeon crawler where they will be challenged by fierce turn-based battles and where the final goal requires them to fight their way by defeating numerous lesser drones to finally have a face-to-face meeting with the Dungeon Boss as the final challenge to each stage. After defeating this level ending beast players are rewarded with their weight in gold and gems to purchase a variety of upgrades and items to boost their character’s potency. The graphics present styled artwork immersed in an initial impression of cutesy 3D graphics but gameplay challenges becomes immeasurably tougher towards the end.

Madfinger Games the guys that developed Dead Trigger 1 as well as Dead Trigger 2 now offer a just released Deader: Unkilled. The mobile game offers a completely new and entirely different type of FPS zombie shooter, wherein players blast their way across New York’s familiar streets from the onset, of the by now very familiar, and yet another zombie apocalypse. Game controls demand players use the left part of the screen area to control movement and then left screen section to aim their weapons.

Best New & Revised Apps This Week

Capitan app

Most of us would not consider a grocery list to be an item that necessitates the complexity of an artificial intelligence in order to maintain order in your household keeping your family and guests well fed. The developers and creators of the Capitan app strongly disagrees, the aim being to make everybody’s shopping lists that much smarter through proactive suggestions, co-operative editing as well as a variety of real-time reminders which are based on the results of your historically listed items. The app also automatically organises the shopping list of your required items into a categorised format according to the most likely manner in which merchandise would be grouped together in retail stores, i.e. tinned foods, dairy products, grains, meats, and vegetables et cetera.

Capitan app1

The app can share shopping lists between other household members who may then add additional items that require to the shared list. Capitan will also send all of the other household members an alert as soon as you approach the store in order to provide them with an opportunity to timeously add and update their required items to the list. As its users increasingly rely on the app and over a period of time and with the increased accumulation of data regarding your personal shopping requirements the app will increasing accuracy provide you with a projected shopping list of what you might require to keep family life running smoothly at home. The app is available at no cost on both iOS as well as Android platforms.

An app called Great Big Story offers its users the ability to view intriguing narratives via the use of bite -sized video clips. Despite the fact that the app may be backed by news media giants CNN, its content remains focused on remarkable historical events and personalities its content includes personal profiles of figures marking historical events. This app will deliver a select number of short stories in a video clip format every day, with its stories focused around a single individual like the Lisa Frank story, or discuss the man responsible for the Kool Aid mascot’s voice-overs.