Whip Out Your S Pen On Apps Created For The Galaxy Note 5

Galaxy Note 51

The following apps should help to pick your favourites if you are lucky enough to scoop up the new Note 5, these apps were designed specifically for use with the the Galaxy Note 5 S Pen, to take notes, create art, and doodle in your free time.

The ArtFlow app, provides one of the very best apps for casual as well as true artists that not only prefer digital media but it can create true paper art with a huge variety of pencils, brushes, colour palettes, and many other options. The app offers layer support, which allows artists and doodlers to add and delete layers as necessary on the go, thereby allowing continuous overlay sketching and prevent modifying of the layers the artist are satisfied with. Menus are easily hidden whenever you require a blank canvas to create new art. Completed images are easily scalable to nearly any required size.

Galaxy Note 5

Sketchbook from Autodesk provides an alternative and excellent choice for budding artists, or even artists that may see an image worth capturing while on move. The app provides a simple easy-to-use interface that supports layering, delivering loads of control over its tools that a potential artist may wish to use in the creation of their masterpieces. It is free version presents an overkill functionality to casual users, for its full version serious artist will have to shell out $4.35 that will provide a near infinite number of additional artist’s tools, even offering the capacity to create custom brushes, pencils, and other drawing implements in addition to the standard offering of over 100 tools.

Inkredible will thrill practitioners and lovers of old school calligraphy. The variety of fountain pens created specifically for calligraphy that are available in this app will definitely make any calligraphers day, on a professional or even a casual level. Its notebook paper even comes ruled, creating the feeling of writing on real paper. The app introduces a feature called palm rejection which allows calligraphers to rest their hand on the screen without smudging or affecting the writing. Digital calligraphers are offered control of the pen thickness with the option of purchasing different pens at $2 a pop, with other in app purchases, allowing for unlimited notebooks and various differing types of paper, all costing somewhere between $2 & $3 apiece, and all notes can be shared as PDFs via email.

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