New ShapeShift App Powering BTC Mobile Casino Services

ShapeShift, currently one of the more convenient platforms of digital currency exchange, unveiled their own mobile software application on Apple’s iStore, after receiving approval to become the first of the genre to receive approval for the iOS platform. Their immediate cryptocurrency converter persists to transform the global field of digital currency via its astonishing accomplishment that allows users to exchange different types of cryptocurrencies with security and ease, with one of these feats being it’s approval and incorporation into Apple’s ecosystem.


The found of ShapeShift and its said that its launch of his currency exchange paved the way to reach more effective exchange opportunities within the digital currency platforms. espite achieving such success, Vorhees sustained his search for additional opportunities to aid the future success of its cryptocurrency exchange. That is what ensured the success of the Bitcoin visionary to conceptualise and design this iOS application. Accordingly, the mobile app will serve as a benchmark on the quest of fully developing and revolutionizing the current level of Altcoin and Bitcoin accessibility, he went on further to relay that snce its inception, ShapeShift changed the expectation of all altcoin exchanges. Their presence on mobile platforms is a crucial move in their roadmap to deliver a frictionless user experience while operating at the speed of e-currency.

Just like the original PC versions, the app allows consumers to exchange 35 major featured cryptocurrencies that are accepted, including new inductees Counterparty and Monero.
Their ShapeShift app with its instant cryptocurrency converter retains its largest asset on its move to full mobile adoption. Bitcoin users commended this new exchange platform design due to the precise and systematic security protocols unlike any other currently utilized in Bitcoin transfers.

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