Unibet App-le iWatch Approved


Unibet, a leading on-line wagering operator recently unveiled its newly Apple approved app for the hotly anticipated new iWatch before the Apple launch. Players will be able to place wagers, engage in live browsing, monitor current and new promotions, and receive gaming alerts by means of technology linked to a player’s iOS mobile app. Building on technology developed in existing Android wearables, the app will feature full cash out capabilities.

According to Unibet they are ahead by a good margin over any of their competitors and not just on this development. With the first generation of the app enabling their players to retrieve a range of gaming information, this app would also afford players an option to place a bets via their mobile device.

Unibet’s, Ed Nicholson, UK marketing operations head stated, they foresee Apple Watch users to initially use their watch as a communications and information instrument, to separate the important from the unimportant communications information that is currently reaching smartphones. They wanted to ensure they are providing player watches with the best possible information to make it across that critical consumer cut-off point. At the time of writing the Apple iWatch already launched in certain selected regions of the globe.

This acclaimed on-line casino operator bravely breaks new ground in the wearables field of technology, while some prominent software developers only recently managed to break into the mobile market. Wearables are representative of an arena currently totally underutilised, due to clunky, unfashionable hardware, graced with non-intuitive software, this will undoubtedly change due to vast public interest and billions invested to date by large hardware developers.

Undeniably, the technologists faced with extremely difficult issues relating to hardware size, fashion edicts of the day and software to be made more intuitive and relevant to these specific types of devices. If the new Apple is successful with this latest version, it will be a stampede at iStores rivalling the heady launch days of Steve Job’s iPod and iPhone.

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