Spiñata Grande On Mobile At Guts


Guts Casino were one of the first on-line operators to offer the exciting Spiñata Grande slot after NetEnt’s recent release of the slot in March, with Spiñata’s release being a cross platform, multi-channel slot, it meant players could immediately enjoy this exciting new slot as an app on their mobile handsets.

This new slot game is crammed with all kinds of invigorating special game features, with fun game play and a commendably high quality design and humorously detailed symbols and reel frame depictions of a typical Mexican party on offer. NetEnt once again outdid themselves with their capacity to effectively pick-up the feel and spirit of everyday existence in a lethargic, sun scorched, Mexican community with a warm heated amusing feel.
The slot premise of being themed after an ancient, folk tradition with the guest of honour being blindfolded and given a stick break a delicacy filled piñata, cheerfully decorated after whatever festivity fancied the host’s imagination, and the breaking of the piñata symbolising the harvesting of the wealth it embraces.

This lore fully encapsulates theme of this slot, a light-hearted, colourful view of typical Mexican party, with the festive action complemented by the quick rhythmic Mexican strings and brass mariachi-type music, while beating the truly colossal piñatas. These expand to become colossal wilds, also offering free spins, and a game within the game Mini-Slot.

Spiñata offers a 5reel game with 40 paylines, totally unique to the slot and as a first ever, showing of a new design featuring the Colossal Wild round which covers a full 9 reel symbols when in a winning combo. The reel-set shows a huge Piñata being broken with a massive bat swinging right across the reel-set, and spilling colourful candy all over the reels, dropping exciting potential wins to potentially enable entry to the new Mini Slot. In this mini slot round, every symbol present players with free spins or alternatively coin winnings, going on even further to trigger a 5 Fun Free Spins round. Highly recommend to mobile users for it fun, smooth play, with excellently placed, easy accessible controls.

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