CrimsonHeart iTunes Giftcard Contest – Win one of ten $10 giftcards!

Our friends over at ANBSoft have graciously given us 10 iTunes giftcards that each have $10.00 worth of credit on them. In case you’ve forgotten how to do simple math that adds up to $100.00 worth of money in our hands. Since we love you guys so much we have decided to hold a little contest where you could win one of these giftcards. 

Entry Rules:
  • Download Crimsonheart from the AppStore here:Link
  • Write a review of the game that embodies how you feel about the game.
  • Take a screenshot of your review and send it to our email ( so that we can verify that it was actually you who wrote the review. Also include any optional entry you completed in the email.
Example Email:
Hello Dave, 
The screenshot of my review can be found in the attachment above. I also completed the optional twitter entry method and tweeted as @TheAppShack.
Optional Entries:
After you have completed the first entry you can choose to enter again in a variety of different ways. This will cause your name to be entered in the random drawing a second time.  You do not need to complete these entries to win the prize.
  • Compose a tweet about the contest/game and include the hashtag #CrimsonHeart   Be creative!
Update: Only 5 entries have been made so far. Given the current date and the fact that the contest ends after tomorrow their is a fairly good chance you could win a $10.00 giftcard from the 10 we have right now.

Submit your entries before the 1st of March.

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