Paper Monsters News!

You’ve probably heard about the new platformer by Monsters vs Wizards and Crescent Moon Games.  Paper Monsters began as a simple, paper-style action platformer, but it has since grown into a full-blown future classic. The game sports cutesy artwork with 3D models but 2D gameplay.  The all around appeal aesthetic appeal of the game seems reminiscent of console hits like Little Big Planet and Paper Mario.

So far what we’ve heard about the game sets it into a world of its own as an iOS action platformer. Apart from the amazing artwork, there will be several power-ups including a dragon (fire-breathing of course), a flying bug suit, and a submarine. A submarine power-up can only mean one thing…underwater levels! And there is much more than just underwater levels. The themes that will be included on release are grass-world, snow-world, underwater, and some underground sections. On top of that there are 16 enemy types and awesome boss-battles (with funny cut-scenes to boot).

Paper Monsters has just about everything you can ask for in an iOS platformer. It even has hidden treasures and secrets, cloud saving, and iCade support!

When Paper Monsters gets closer to release, hopefully we will get some hands-on time.  Until then check out the new site that Robots vs Wizards set up, PaperMonsterLand. At the site you can find quite a few screens along with more than enough info about the world of Paper Monsters to get you as excited as we are. There isn’t an official trailer released yet, but check out the teaser for now.

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