Bulkypix new retro-inspired platformer, Terra Noctis hits the AppStore December 20th!

We recently got a press release from Bulkypix letting us know about their new retro-inspired platformer title, Terra Noctis, and boy does it look FAN-FREAK’N-TASTIC! In the press release, Super Mario and Donkey Kong are sited as influences for the new game, and after getting our hands on a pre-release build, we can definitely see the retro influence. The level design is amazing, even in the beginning of the game, there are some areas that will take a little bit of deviation from the main path in order to get 100% of the items in the levels. Each level has letters that spell out “Scary” and fairies (blue and pink, pink having 15 in each level) scattered throughout the levels, hidden behind breakable walls, and in areas you’ll need to explore to find.
We don’t want to give away too much, because we know that discovering all of these things is a huge part of the gameplay. But to get your excitement up – take a look at some of these screens and a video of the Beta Build up on YouTube!

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