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iOS 10 What to Expect


Apple has always managed to impress with their latest devices, which is partly due to the reliable software they have developed. We’ve seen many upgrades take place on our devices, which makes the better, faster, more usable, and provides additional features. Even though iOS 8 and iOS 9 didn’t bring much difference, when it came to testing iOS 10 beta, we were impressed from the very first moment the device rebooted.

iOS 10

iOS 10 has not been released to the public as it will be used on the iPhone 7. This means we can only expect the update later this year after the iPhone 7 has been released. However, with the beta software, we can see a few of the features to come, not only to the latest device but also all those that support the latest update. Here we look at some of the features and new options of iOS 10.

Installing the new software now might be risky as it might consist of bugs and glitches as the software has not been tested. However, we’ve decided to test the software and provide the latest features and updates expected. The software was tested on the iPhone 6s Plus, which will work the same on the 6s.

As mentioned above, the changes are visible from the very first moment. Picking up the phone resulted in a reaction where the screen came on and presented the lock screen as I had a passcode set. If I didn’t, it would have signed into my home screen instantly. This means the lock screen that has been there since the beginning has now been removed, making access to your apps instant.

The 3D Touch features also provide a lot more options for all the apps. For example, the mail app will provide more information and allow users to archive mail without opening the app. The home screen shows more options with mail, making everything easier to use and quicker to access.

The control centre that appears when you swipe up has been simplified as it came a bit too full with the latest features presented. The pop-up in a bit bigger than usual, but include all the current options while also featuring additional information about these options, such as the wi-fi currently connected to.



Millions of people around the world have become a lot more health conscious and want to lead a better life by eating right, getting the right amount of exercise, and living a better, more positive life overall. There are various app options that will provide you with the needed features to improve your diet, track your exercise, keep track of things you eat and how much energy they consist of, and much more.


Most new devices such as iPhone and Android provide standard apps that will provide the basics, such as tell you how many steps you’ve taken today. While these are useful, for someone who is trying to lose weight or watch their intake, there are apps that can go into a lot more detail about what you eat. These include apps such as MyFitnessPal.

The app can be accessed on iPhone, any Android devices, and PC. This allows you to keep track of the information on the app, no matter where you are or how you are connecting. The developers have made all the features easy to use on both PC and mobile while including all the features you need.

Firstly, the app will track what you eat, but users will need to input the food after a meal. There are many features that allow you to select exactly what you’ve eaten and how much of it. The app will also recognize millions of brands, which gives you an accurate calorie, fat, and energy count. Things that are consumed regularly, such what you have for breakfast most mornings, can be saved in the quick menu. This means you can reselect the item to quickly add it and provide an update on info.

The app also comes with a few amazing search features, especially when consuming bought products such as a snack bar. Users can enter the name of it, or simply scan the barcode of the product. This makes entering the things you eat super-fast and easy.

Exercise can be manually entered or the app can track your steps for you. Using other apps such as Nike Running App that provides the calories burnt during your run, can be entered manually. The app can communicate with fitness devices as well, including FitBit, info from Apple watch, or just about any other fitness devices available.

Portable Battery Chargers

Portable Battery Chargers

The idea of having a long battery life on your phone has been a request for a few years now, but mobile developers seem to focus on making the phones faster, thinner, and including technology that takes up more space on top of it all. This is why many companies have come up with new ways to provide longer battery life or the ability to charge your phone while on the move.

There are many options when it comes to recharging or supplying your phone with an extended battery so it will last longer. The most common options include a battery bank or a case that attaches to your phone and provides additional charge to your battery as it runs out. Both of these options are great, but with the latest technology, you can go so much further without having to charge the phone or the battery pack.



Not many people know about the solar option for your phone. Some of these come with a battery back, which is charged with a solar panel and there are cases that have a solar panel attached to the back of the device. The only problem with the battery pack is that you would need to carry it around with you, which isn’t always possibly. The case option provides the ability to charge your device from the sun without needing anything else. This will charge the phones battery directly by simply packing the phone face down in the sun. It doesn’t charge very fast but is fast enough to assist when you need it most.

Battery Pack Travel Cases

Charging your phone while traveling has always been a mission all on its own. This is why many airports now offer charging stations, which are great, but can’t always be reached when you in a hurry or don’t feel like sitting around. Many of the latest luggage options have a power bank built in, which allows you to charge your phone with a USB cable. This means you don’t have to carry anything with you, or have a case on your phone. Simply plug in the cable to your device and into the USB slot on the case and charge your phone. The battery pack comes in many sizes, which will determine how many times it can charge your device.

All We Know About the Samsung S8


The Samsung S7 has once again presented many features for Android users, which are both amazing and provides a totally new way of enjoying the mobile features they provide. However, Samsung is already working on new ideas for the next exciting release, which includes the Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge.

Samsung S8

There are a few things we’ve heard and are expecting Samsung to do with the new phone. Firstly, the release date, looking at the pattern Samsung seems to follow with new releases, we expecting the latest S8 device to arrive early next year. To be more exact, we expect the device to reach the market worldwide by March 2017.

The most popular and exciting news regarding the latest phone is a 4K screen, which has now been available for more than a year on the TV’s presented by Samsung. The new device will once again feature a 5.5 Inch display, which is the same size as the latest S7 and S7 Edge. However, we doubt a major difference will be noticed on the 4K display when compared to the current QHD display used, which already features some incredible detail and graphics. Then again, with new technology such as the VR headset, a 4k display might just make that entire experience more thrilling and enjoyable.

As far as the Edge feature goes, we haven’t heard many rumors about any changes. The Samsung S7 Edge is already a striking phone, meaning it would be a mistake to make any major changes to the newer devices. However, knowing Samsung, they will do something that makes the new device stand out and be even more attractive.

As for the camera, we are expecting a dual-lens, which provides different features for the perfect shot. Taking the LG G5 for example, which has the ability to take a normal picture as well as a wide-angle picture without any additional attachments. It is expected that the new Samsung might lead down the same road, but possibly have different features for the second lens that makes is unique on a whole new level. Regarding megapixels and more details, we are sure to keep you updated as the news flows in.

Best PC Remote App

Unified Remote

As we all know, there are apps that can control just about any device that uses a remote. This includes air cons, TVs, PlayStation, Xbox, and more. However, trying to find an app that allows you to control your PC seems to be a bit harder to find, especially when you are looking for something that can control your mouse and keyboard.

This is why we’ve hunted down the most impressive remote control app for your PC or Mac. This remote is available for Android and iOS, making them perfect for all users no matter what you would like to do on your PC.

Unified Remote1

Unified Remote

Unified Remote is at the top of our list at it provide various features, options, is easy to use, and comes with a free version. The app communicates with your PC via wi-fi or Bluetooth as soon as you come in range of the PC. The app itself would change anything when connected, but allows you to take instant access when the app has been opened.

The app can be used to control your mouse movement and keyboard, meaning you can do everything you could do with your mouse and keyboard. The app have various advantages, which makes your life easier, especially when you use it from a distance. If the app is connected via wi-fi, you can control your PC as long as your phone is connected to the same network.

Another great feature is that you can access your files on your mobile device, meaning you can look for a video, movie, or a song directly from your phone without the need of looking at your PC screen. Simply chick on the video or song you would like to play to have to open your media player automatically and play the file requested. Not only does this make it handy as an entertainment remote, but it becomes useful of you busy around the house and just want to play another song.

Once the media player is open, users can take advantage of the media remote on the app. This will allow you to skip to the next track, adjust the volume, pause, stop, and play. The request selected works instantly as if you were selecting the option with the mouse while sitting at the computer.

Can Security Apps Help Recover a Stolen Phone

Security Apps

Mobile phones have become a lot more valuable, making them a target for theft, but any would say the most important part of their devices is the information it holds. A phone can be replaced, which is why services such as insurance are available. However, there are millions around the world who would like to know just how much apps can protect your information, and is it possible to recover the device when stolen.

Security Apps1

For the protection of data, yes,there are many apps that can ensure your data is protected. The best part is most of these apps are free or come at low cost. These apps usually use a passcode to enter files or to unlock the device, meaning all the information is protected. For the most part, these apps work well. However, with some security apps, you can still access the information on the device by plugging it into a PC. The apps don’t all seem to protect your data in that way as well. Be sure to use a security app that offers the function to request the device to be unlocked or the passcode to be entered before file transfers can take place.

As for recovering a device there are many ways to track a phone, which could lead you to its current location, however, these apps only work when the device is on, meaning it’s not very difficult to make the device untraceable if it has been stolen as the person can simply turn off the phone and reset it at a later stage.

There are apps that allow you to control the device remotely with which you can post messages on it or make an alarm sound even when it’s on silent. However, once again the person can turn off the phone and remove all the apps and data by resetting it.

The best way to ensure your files are protected and still available to you even when your phone is stolen is to use an online storage app such as Dropbox or OneDrive and set an access passcode to the app. Whoever has your phone will not be able to gain access and you can access all your files via PC or your next device.

Best Samsung S7/Edge Accessories

Galaxy S7

The latest Galaxy device has once again shown the world how well Samsung can stay ahead of the competition and provide a device that offers features that simply can’t be matched by other devices. The new s7 might be impressive just the way it is, but users will find the phone has so much more to give when accessories are added, which comes with their own features and abilities, creating one of a kind phone, with features that cannot be matched by any other device.

Reversible USB Cable

Reversible USB Cable

Many might not consider this to be a great accessory until they’ve used it. This is a standard USB charging cable that allows you to plug it into your phone upright or even upside-down. This mean chances of damaging the plug is a lot less. Apple, for a good reason, has managed this feature with their latest phones, but Samsung still requires users to check the cable before plugging it in, which is history with this accessory.


This is a great gadget for those who are worried about dropping their phones, or find it difficult to hold the phone while using only one finger. The accessory is attached to the back of your phone with double sided tape and has a ring attached to it, which can be used to slide you me finger though and get a decent grip or to attaching to anything using the bracket it comes with, making it very easy to use in your car. The bracket can be attached to anything, meaning you could attach it to a wall above your desk or in the kitchen, making it easy to listen to music or watch a video while your hands are busy.

Wireless Charger

Samsung has created an additional device, which lets you charge your phone without plugging it in. This accessory consists of a small round play, which need to be plugged in. Users will be able to place their phones on the disc and the device will start to charge. The impressive part about this charger is that it will charge the phone just as fast as plugging it in, making it well worth having in terms of usability, not to mention safety.

Best iPhone 6s Accessories

iPhone 6s

The new iPhones are impressive just the way they are, users enjoy the 3D Touch feature, the ability to take live phones, and much more. While all these features are great, we always look for new ways to improve our devices even more, which is why there are many developers out there creating new apps and hardware for our devices.
Here are some of the coolest accessories to get for your iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

laser pointer

iPin Laser Pointer

This is a great addition for everyone who gives presentations and needs a small device to point at things while giving the presentation. The laser point is a small device that fits into your headphone jack and turns it into a laser pointer. Users need to download the app, which gives it all the functions you need. A simple, but very useful idea.

Magnetic Charger Cable

Apple fans are well aware of the magnetic charger plug, which makes it very easy to charge the device and it eliminates any chances of it breaking off. The same is now available for your iPhone. Users can get the magnetic cable, which splits right at the plug, meaning the actual plug will stay in your phone and the cable can just be attached when needed. This will aid ensure your phone stays protected as nothing can get damaged or break off in the phone.

iXpand Flash Drive

Getting additional storage on your device is easy with the latest technology in USB drives. The iXpand drive has both a lightening plug for your phone and a normal USB plug for your PC. This allows you to store music, movies, pictures, and much more on your device and always have it with you. The device curls around to the back of your phone, which protects it from damaging the phone in case it drops or gets knocked.

Photo Lens Kits

Users can enjoy the already brilliant iPhone camera a lot more with these kits as they include wide angle lenses that will let you capture a lot more in a single view, the fish eye lens that will allow the most amazing warped pictures, and finally a macro lens that allows you to get the best quality up close.

Expensive Apps

dollar sign

Some app developers out there trying to develop an app and expect it to fetch huge money for their creations. However, some apps are worth it, but there are also many that are just way out there and don’t provide what you pay at all, especially when you consider some of the prices the ask.

Here are some of the most expensive apps available, we will leave the decision whether or not they are worth it up to you.

WaterGlode – $299.99

WaterGlobe is a snow globe that is fully customizable. Users can chat all types of aspects in the app, including snow size, how fast it falls and much more. The picture inside the glide is also changeable to suit the theme on your phone or the current season. Usually, a real snow globe goes for only a few Dollars, but to have the app for a virtual one, it will cost more than just a couple of hundred.


Boffo Fun Time Game Pax 2 – $299.99

Boffo is a collecting of mini games for your device. Some might think the list would include some of the most impressive games regarding graphics and game option, but no, these are games most people download for their kids for free. The developer states that the price is so high because other games manage to make that much each day and people still pay for them.

TouchChat AAC – $299.99

Is actually a very useful app for people with speech problems. The app will include a voice for you, meaning it can communicate on your behalf and say what you need to. This could have been a great app for millions out there if only it had a lower price tag. Instead, people can now access these features for free on both iOS and Android.

Mobile Cam Viewer – $349.99

Mobile can viewer requires a huge price tag for an app that is free from many other developers. Users can use the app to see live footage of their home cameras or cameras at the office, making it quite useful, but once again at that price, there are sure to be many other options that make a lot more sense.

Google Cast for Education

Google Cast

Thinking about education in school and ways to improve what we learn could be quite tricky for teachers and students of all ages. Learning something from a friend always seems more attractive at a younger age, which is why Google has come up with the perfect apps for classrooms, which allow the students to share all they have learned in their own time.

Google’s Cast for Education is the latest development in education, which allows the students also to take part in what they learn outside of the classroom. Ever wondered how a leaping frog can jump 50 times its own length? Or how they are planning to build bridges that connect every continent in the world? Well, students might wonder about other things, but would also find these types of subjects interesting once presented to them.

Google Cast1

With the new app from Google, students can share this information with others by showing their mobile screens on a larger screen in class. This means the new things you’ve learned will be shown to everyone, whether is something to do with an exciting project in class or something someone mentioned last week.

The idea that students share an interesting fact about the work will automatically educate everyone else including themselves. Teachers are somewhat limited to the amount of information at hand and don’t always have the time to do additional research, even if they did, it’s certain that a student will look in different faces and discover other interesting facts about the matter.

This will provide the entire classroom with vital information, while takes them beyond just studying for the exam, but also understanding better. Students are also sure to share more interest in subjects as they are motivated to check u on these things and present them in class.

The app will be available for all mobile devices and will be able to share information with each other and their teachers. The teacher will have control over what’s being shared on the screen in class, which will allow them to ensure matters stay on subject and can be monitored. This is a new way of looking at education and what our youth learns from day to day.