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Cartoon Network has an app for children

Cartoon Network

This is an app developed to keep the children busy while on the go. The app is known as ‘Cartoon Network Anything’. This is a new medium that will be used to entertain and engage the children. Children will be able to enjoy 10-15 seconds of snack size content that will be uniquely developed for mobile phones only. They will be suitable for children to watch while on the go.

This content will range from games video to memes, quizzes, activities and polls. Children will also learn as they engage in the animated gifts and trivia. This audience of young people will pride in content of original origin like Roll No.21, Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball, We Bare Bears, Adventure Time, The Powerpuff Girls, Teen Titans Go and Uncle Grandpa among others.

The Amazing World of Gumball

With this app, be sure of endlessly awesome products that are fun, frantic and activities you will hardly predict. The reason for the name; Cartoon Network Anything is because you will enjoy amazing content that never ends.

You can expect to see other items added to the application from time to time. These items will range from puzzles, trivia, videos, games, quizzes and polls. This application is available on Google Play, iTunes, or Amazon. MSG and Data rates will apply and you need to be 18 years or older or have permission from your parent or guardian.

The managing director at Cartoon network stated that CN Anything is an initiative that will bring world-class entertainment for the children and on their mobile devices.
About Cartoon Network

This is an American cable and satellite television channel. It is property to Turner Broadcasting System in Time Warner. The channel is known to broadcast animated programming which ranges from animated comedy. This will be the same content that will be accessed through the ‘CN Anything’ application. All content developed by Cartoon Network is meant for children and teenagers between the ages of 7 to 16 years.

Mitsubishi Outlander hacked via mobile app by a British Security Firm


When you hear that someone hacked into a car, you might think that this is someone trying to get you scared. This should not be treated lighted since there are more and more cars being connected. Being able to hack into a car through a mobile app is increasing the chances of sneaking and taking off with the car. With the recent development, the British security firm believes that this is a serious vulnerability in the Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-in Hybrid.

Mitsubishi Outlander

Pen Test Partners LLP is the British security firm that discovered this weakens in the Mitsubishi Outlander. They found the method used to connect the car to the owner to be very interesting. Since most of the mobile apps use the internet as the medium through which the owner communicates to the car, Mitsubishi is offering a direct connection to the WIFI through a weak factory password and hackers can easily access the settings to the vehicle and manipulate the system or get away with the vehicle.

When the company was able to get into the vehicle’s network, they were able to alter the battery charge settings, manipulate the fiddle with the HVAC controls and also turned the headlights on. One of the most worrying activities was when they disabled the alarm system which is risky. Let’s say a criminal was outside the vehicle and they were able to do this, they will be able get in the car and probably get off in it.

It might be hard for one to get off in the car but the possibility of disabling the car alarm system is as easy as sniffing out a network. Until this issue is fixed, it is advised that you turn off the car’s WIFI or put it into sleep mode. This will make you lose the mobile access to the car but this will also keep off everyone else who might want to hack into your car’s system.

iPhone Siri Tips

iphone logo

Siri has been part of iPhone since the iPhone 4s, which is a long time ago when you think about it. Back then the feature was not as helpful as she misunderstood users half the time, resulting in not too many people using the option.

However, with the next devices and those that are sure to come shortly such as the iPhone 7, you will find Siri has become a lot more useful. Not only in finding things online for you but the feature now also allows you to control you mobile device when your hands are too busy.


Here you will find a few key features that Siri provides, which you might have known about, but there is definitely one or 2 that will be new and well worth a try.

Find your Phone

Siri has a new feature that allows you to access her options by just saying “Hey Siri.” This is very useful as you no longer need to press the home button while driving or when your hands are full to access the information you need.

This “Hey Siri” feature can also be useful when you have misplaced your phone. Simply stand in the centre of a room and say “Hey Siri” to have her respond and eventually find your phone. Apple might not have intended to include this feature, but it actually works really well and make things a lot easier when you in a hurry.

Text Friends without Typing

While driving, you can use the “hey Siri” feature and tell her to send a message to any one of your saved contacts. Furthermore, you can also tell her what to say in the text, which she will read back to you before sending. Receiving a text is just as easy as users are able to request that Siri reads the message and provide you with the options to reply instantly.


Not only can Siri be used as a PA, but you can also ask her to take you places. For example, saying “hey Siri, navigate to Greg” she will automatically access Greg in your contacts and get his address info if saved. She will then open maps and show you the quickest way to your location.

New Feature to Google’s My Account


My Account is a feature that was launched by Google to provide users with more options and features regarding their Google accounts. These additional features include security settings and privacy. Users also have the options to change the options for ads and much more.

myacct google

The feature was added in 2015, which gave users worldwide a much greater opportunity to access options that were never there before. To celebrate the success of the first year, users can now take advantage of additional options and security features. With these options and the huge selection of apps available, you will now be able to feel more secure while taking advantage of everything the web has to offer and know you are protected.
Find my Phone

We’ve all done it, go to a friend, coffee shop, movies or anywhere else where you might have left your phone behind, which is not the end of the world once you get it back. However, since most of us keep highly confidential personal information on our phones, for it to be stolen and placed in the wrong hands is just not something we can risk. In the U.S. alone there are millions of mobile devices stolen each year, which is why Google has added a Find my Phone option to the latest My Account features.

With this option, users will be able to lock their devices remotely, which does not allow anyone to access the information. The feature lets you dial your number in case someone has found it, or you can display a “call if found” number on the screen. The device can also be tracked to allow you to go searching a bit closer to its current location. Users can delete all media, sign out of accounts, and wipe the phone remotely in the case that it has been stolen.

The latest update will also provide users with new ways to access My Account as well as a new interface to make things much easier to reach. The app can be used on both iOS and Android devices, which simply adds to your current security choices on your device.

Nokia Pushes for Comeback to Smartphones


On Wednesday, Nokia announced its reappearing to the tablet and mobile phone business after a more favourable agreement was reached with Microsoft to sell its FIG Mobile and HMD Global entry level phone business for $350 million. According to Microsoft the deal includes selling its manufacturing facility Hanoi, Vietnam to FIH Mobile. FIH Mobile is a unit of Foxconn Technology/Hon Hai and the current employees will have the chance to work for HMD Global or FIH Mobile.


HMD, which is recently launched company will be granted an exclusive license by Nokia to develop Nokia branded tablets and phones for ten years. Royalty payments will be made to Nokia from HMD for device sales, covering both the intellectual and brand property rights. The planned investment from HMD is estimated at over $500 million across a period of three years in aid to market and support Nokia devices globally; profits and monies from investors will pay for the new business.

Ramzi Haidamus the president of Nokia Technologies announced that it the start of a new era for the Nokia brand and that Nokia remains an iconic name in the industry. HMD will produce tablets and mobile phones while growing the Nokia brand value in global markets. The new formed company HMD will be run by Arto Nummela, a senior executive that was previously the head of Microsoft mobile in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The president of HMD, Florian Seiche also brings a strong background to the company, which includes experience as the senior vice president for Microsoft Mobile in marketing and sales in Europe and being a former executive at Nokia.
Finally Nokia found a new way to get back into the mobile business facing competing brands such as Sams
ung, Apple and Google, currently domination the mobile market, said Jeff Kagan. After Nokia decided to sell its battling business to Microsoft it has been struggling to return to the market. Since the sale in 2013, Nokia was in a non-compete position according to IHS Technology. HMD will target the market with confidence as the Nokia brand is still recognized even when only 400 million units were shipped globally in 2015.

Profitable & Entertaining Mobile Slots For High Rollers

mobile slots

Mobile Slot fanatics searching for profitable and entertaining gaming sessions have a sensational variety to look forward too from world leading software suppliers such as NetEnt. High rollers are well catered for, especially when it comes to the ultimate gaming experience including incredibly rewarding jackpots.

High limit video slots created by NetEnt provides an abundance of special bonus features enabling players the potential to win huge from every spin. The features includes, free spins, cash bonuses, wilds, scatters, multipliers, bonus rounds and on average games offer a high percentage return to player, which makes playing even more rewarding for high rollers. Here are just some of the most popular video slots recommended especially for players searching for the perfect high roller experience.


The Jack Hammer video slot allows a bet of up to $500 per spin and offers a 97% payout percentage. The game features 25 paylines with bonus features such as free spins and sticky wins. Regular players can also enjoy huge rewards with minimum bets starting from $0.25 per payline. Jack Hammer II Fishy Business allows a top bet of $125 per spin and the sequel offers 99 paylines across 5 reels. The famous detective is back and his battle with the Don Crabby offers bonus rewards from several special bonus rounds and plenty of free spins.

Magic Portals and Simsalabim video slots both allows a maximum bet of $250 per spin. Plenty of mysticism and magic is offered during play in Magic Portals that offers 25 fixed paylines and the bonus feature triggered on the first and fifth reels during the base game presents decent payouts. Simsalabim is an action packed video slot featuring 25 fixed paylines and you can win up to 225,000 coins.

Several video slots accept up to a maximum of $200 per spin and titles includes Beach, Space Wars, Fisticuffs, EggOMatic, Zombies, Demolition Squad and Disco Spins. For an interstellar experience Space Wars video slot offers eccentric aliens with a wide variety of combinations on 40 paylines. Win boosting bonus features include a cloning pod, re-spins and stacked wilds.

Call Recorder ACR


Call Recorder ACR will assist with everyday tasks and provides users with the option to go back on calls to either access information needed for the call or to just take note of when the next meeting was planned for.

The app is easy to use and provides many options. The name will already tells us the call is recorded from both sides, meaning you won’t just hear your side of the conversation. Users can take advantage of many options and features within the app, which includes what calls are recorded, the volume, and much more.


The app also has an option to record all calls, which is useful for those who get home at the end of a busy day and need to do the planning for the next gay or week. This feature is also recommended for users who receive many phone calls while driving. The app will record everything said in the conversation, wich you can access later and make the required notes.

The best part about the app is that you don’t have to try and activate the feature when a call comes through. The app will automatically record from the moment the call was answered, making it very convenient for all users. The app is also ideal for users who need these recordings for legal purposes as the files can be transferred to other devices such as computers or USB drives.

Users can manage the recorded files within the app and delete those that have been listened to or that do not hold any information you need. The app is easy to use and only offers the features required to manage your recordings.

The app also includes a useful media tool, which can be used to jump forward, pause or rewind any recording. This means you don’t have to listen to the hour-long conversation with your boss just to remember what time he said the meeting will be. Instead, you can skip forward and get the info within seconds. However, if you choose to listen to the entire chat, it will all be there for you to take advantage of. The app can be downloaded for any Android device from the Play Store.

Quick App

Quick App

Quick is an app that provides amazingly fast editing to all your photos and videos. The app will provide frames, add music to your videos, and even place frames around your selected pictures.

Many apps can be used to get the same effect as Quick, but the difference comes in by the speed at which the app does it. Users will be able to edit pictures manually or use the impressive automatic feature, which can detect faces and other important aspects of your images, meaning it places the frames in the right place and does not over the important parts of the picture.

Quick App1

Users will find to edit a photo and add frames, and many other objects only take a few seconds. There is no need to edit your picture manually anymore. Just choose the colours you want, the theme you desire and let Quick put it all together for you.

The app also does a great job with video files. Choose the video you would like to edit and let the magic begin. The app will be able to add music, edit the video itself, change the brightness, and many other aspects to your clips.

Once your video is uploaded and you have selected the features required by the app, Quick will do the rest and show you the results within seconds. Should you decide something needs to be moved or the clip needs to be cut just a little more, you can take control of the manual edit mode.

With manual mode, users can expect all of the feature presented by standard video editors. This means you can add or change anything about your pictures and videos with just a few taps on your screen. It’s recommended to use the automatic mode as it will adjust the video to your requirements, and then only take control of manual editing. This will give you a better finish and ensure the best of your pictures and clips are displayed.

The app is currently available for Android devices where users can take advantage of the free app. Many edit tools and options allow all users to create the most amazing frames and video edits.

HBO NOW App Top Rated


HBO Now have apps that permit users to stream all HBO content to their phones. The cost for this app is reasonable, coming in only at $15usd per month and does not require the combination of a T.V package.

It provides access to all of the popular shows produced by the company including Silicon Valley, True Detective, Girls, Veep and the Wire. It further offers past hits such as Sex in the City, music concerts, and comedy specials.


The app also allows for access to a far greater selection of movies. Titles include San Andreas, and Mad Max: Fury Road, with new titles being added monthly, it ensures a constant stream of entertainment to your mobile smartphone or table device. Recently added titles saw Jurassic World and Pitch Perfect added in April.

The app includes titles that are friendly for children, and for parents on the go, this is a true benefit as Sesame Street is offered as are movies such as Rio 2, Happy Feet, and Kung Fu Panda. In addition to regular programming offered from HBO, users can access award-winning documentaries such as Jim: The James Foley Story, Going Clear: Scientology, Citizenfour, and The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst. Sports fanatics will enjoy World Boxing event and other sporting events live, as it happens.

The HBO NOW app is a standalone service and that is its real benefit. Those who already subscribe to its TV package can access it at no additional charge but for those who prefer not to order the TV service, simple can choose to order the app and use at their convenience.

The app can be downloaded to any Android device for a 30-day free trial. This is only offered to those in the U.S and requires a 3G connection.

Tiny HopperGo Neatly Stores Large Amounts of Loads of Mobile Entertainment


It is clear that the Dish Network remains committed in the way we record television programs. The company was instrumental is making shifting location easy through the Sling Technology, a software that allows viewers to stream T.V content via the internet directly through home boxes to P.C’s and mobile devices.

Tiny HopperGo

The Hopper allows its users to transfer anything they recorded to their mobile device and this has made. The Dish Network has released another option that permits recorded content to be viewed almost anywhere through a DVR hard disk drive. It permits viewers to transfer their content from a Hopper 2 or 3 to a unit that is portable. The cost is reasonable, set at $99 usd, and comes with a rechargeable battery that will allow for viewing of up to 100 hours of content.

One thing to note about this, is its small size. Dish Network made its name though the Sling Technology and it’s anytime use, but Dish deserves recognition for its accomplishments in making its devices smaller. They are not at all obtrusive and are sleek enough for most people to not be concerned taking it with them as they travel. Measuring on 2.5×2.5x.5, the one drawback is misplacing it.

The new device shares the same Red and Black casing, just as most of the Dish Network products to, but it is distinctive in relation to its overall size and also as it only comes with two ports, a mini output and a micro one. It includes two indication lights to identify when it is charging or in use.