iPad 9.7 Inch Pro

iPad 9.7 Inch Pro

Apple has recently announced that an all new iPad Pro will be the next big launched to continue their iPad range, meaning the new, smaller iPad will be released in lieu of the next iPad Air 3. Here is all you can expect from the latest device Apple has to offer.

At first glance, the iPad Pro 9.7 inch is identical to the current iPad Air 2, giving the user the idea that the same body and screen have been used. However, various changes have taken place regarding the design. Instead of just 2 speaks at the bottom of the device, users can now experience a surround sound effect with another 2 speakers added to the top of the device. The camera has also been adjusted and sticks out a little from the flat surface on the back. This might be a big annoying at times, but the additional room provides a better lens and is now been upgraded from 8MP to 12MP, meaning better picture quality. Additionally, they have also added a flash, which ensures low light pictures come out better and include a lot more detail. The front camera has also been drastically upgraded as it moved from a 1.2MP camera to an impressive 5MP.

iPad 9.7 Inch Pro Features

The 9.7 inch Retina glass display provides many of the same features found on the iPad Air 2 display, which already provides an impressive range of feature regarding how well it shows, the impressive touch reactions is still part of the screen, but Apple has added an additional feature called True Tone, which is similar to that of night mode, but it adjusts to the environment you are in and what you are doing on the iPad. For example, if you are reading on the iPad it will adjust the whiteness to be easier on the eyes, while also including a soft touch of yellow to reduce straining your eyes while doing anything else. This doesn’t take any colour effect away from the display abilities, but instead provides a more enjoyable experience, no matter what you are doing. The feature is options and can be adjusted to just how strong it should adjust the display settings.

iPad 9.7 Inch Pro1

The iPad 9.7 Pro features the same options found on the current 12 inch Pro, which means the split screen options are available, and users can access all of the impressive features offered by the current iPad Pro. Apple has also already designed a keyboard for the new device, making it the perfect replacement for anyone using a laptop. The 9.7 inch Pro also includes the connection part on the left-hand side, which allows keyboards and all other 3rd party devices to be connected within seconds without using Bluetooth, wi-fi, or any other form of connection.

The new iPad Pro features an A9x processor, which makes it more than fast enough to get to the apps, features, and everything else you need within seconds. On paper, the new iPad is also a lot faster than the iPad Air 2, which will only begin to show when more hardware demanding features become available. However, for someone who uses everything the iPad has to offer, the additional processing speed will definitely be handy. In fact, the faster processor comes in close to the iPad Pro 12 inch despite only have half the ram, which is currently the fastest device offered by Apple.

As mentioned above, the new device isn’t all that much different from the current Air 2. So why would you buy one? Well with the apps and mobile technology moving forward at its current rapid rate, chances are the Air 2 will only be able to keep for a limited time. This doesn’t mean it will become useless, but for those who enjoy the ultra-speed of the current devices, might find themselves disappointed as new releases come out. For example, comparing an iPad 3 to an iPad Air 3, you will already see a major difference in speed as the normal iPad 3 doesn’t have what it takes to keep up with all the latest iOS updates and apps. It still works perfectly, but regarding speed, you are sure to notice a difference between the devices.

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