Can Security Apps Help Recover a Stolen Phone

Security Apps

Mobile phones have become a lot more valuable, making them a target for theft, but any would say the most important part of their devices is the information it holds. A phone can be replaced, which is why services such as insurance are available. However, there are millions around the world who would like to know just how much apps can protect your information, and is it possible to recover the device when stolen.

Security Apps1

For the protection of data, yes,there are many apps that can ensure your data is protected. The best part is most of these apps are free or come at low cost. These apps usually use a passcode to enter files or to unlock the device, meaning all the information is protected. For the most part, these apps work well. However, with some security apps, you can still access the information on the device by plugging it into a PC. The apps don’t all seem to protect your data in that way as well. Be sure to use a security app that offers the function to request the device to be unlocked or the passcode to be entered before file transfers can take place.

As for recovering a device there are many ways to track a phone, which could lead you to its current location, however, these apps only work when the device is on, meaning it’s not very difficult to make the device untraceable if it has been stolen as the person can simply turn off the phone and reset it at a later stage.

There are apps that allow you to control the device remotely with which you can post messages on it or make an alarm sound even when it’s on silent. However, once again the person can turn off the phone and remove all the apps and data by resetting it.

The best way to ensure your files are protected and still available to you even when your phone is stolen is to use an online storage app such as Dropbox or OneDrive and set an access passcode to the app. Whoever has your phone will not be able to gain access and you can access all your files via PC or your next device.

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