Camera Apps for Android

Camera Apps for Android

The camera on your phone is one of the main reasons people buy more expensive devices. Sure, there are many other aspects to consider when purchasing a phone, but when it comes to choosing the best Android device, the camera plays a significant role.

Many apps can control your camera and allow you to take better pictures and enjoy more custom options than the standard feature. Most people only use the standard feature and are happy with it, but for the rest of us, we are always out looking for new ways that improve our abilities with each aspect the device has to offer.

Some apps can provide many additional features that are easy to reach, but can also be annoying at times, especially when you try to snap a pic quickly, but hit the wrong button on the busy screen instead.

Footej Camera

Footej Camera

Footej Camera is an app that offers all the standard features on your device, but also a lot more. The interface is plain, clean, and comfortable to use. Once you’ve opened the camera, only your snap screen appears with your camera view along with small options on the side, and a big red button that will represent the shutter button.

Going a bit deeper into the features, you will find various adjustments that can change your view through the lens of the camera. This means you can add skins, frames, or just adjust the brightness and other settings the app has to offer. The best part about the app is that users will be able to access these options when they choose to, but the rest of the time you get to enjoy a clean screen and just take the pictures you want.


ProShot is also a camera app but also has a fantastic edit tool that will allow you to take advantage of various features when the photo is being taken. The app will offer additional assistance tools such as a level meter that ensure you capture straight images or get that perfect unique 45-degree angle to capture what’s in front of you.

There are various options and settings available that will appeal to all users with which you will soon see the benefits the app has to offer. There is a free trial version available, so be sure to try it out and see what options enhance your experience.

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