Walking Dead: The Game Episode 2 Is Now Available!

You zombie fanatics out there probably already know this, but Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Game has just received Episode 2. That’s right, it’s not available for purchase via IAP for $4.99. Picking up 3 months after Episode 1 came to it’s gripping conclusion, we’ll now be able to see how the choices we made in Episode 1 are going to effect the rest of the game. If Telltale pulled this one off like we think they did, we’re in for one hell of a gameplay experience throughout the rest of the episodes.  
For those of you who haven’t already, feel free to check out our review of Episode 1, and find out if this Point-n-Click Adventure title is up your ally. Even if you’re not a big fan of P-n-C titles, you might want to think about getting this one. It’s definitely not just your average adventure title, and Telltale Games has done an OUTSTANDING job creating an atmosphere and characters that fit with the tone and feeling of the comics by Robert Kirkman. 
You can also check out the trailer below for some in-game footage to see how the gameplay works out on the touch-screen. If you’ve already got the PC/MAC version of the game, it’s exactly the same, so, no surprises there. But it’s great having this ported over to the iDevice. The touch-screen has always felt like a perfect fit for this genre of games, and The Walking Dead: The Game is a fantastic example of that. Once we finally have time to check out Episode 2, we’ll make sure and give you some more detailed impressions. 

**NOTE: For those of you waiting for our Walking Dead Episode 2 Review, we were just able to finally download the Episode this morning due to some server overloading issues with Telltale. We hope you understand, and we’ll make sure and get this reviewed ASAP. 

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