Best iPhone Apps August 2016

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Yet another month has passed since our last update on the most impressive apps for iPhone users. Our team has once again come up with a great selection of apps that we’ve tested on our own devices, meaning we have tested them on our own on a day to day basis. The apps might not be all new, but with so many available, we’ve taken the time to test many and chose the ones we found most impressive.The list below is not in any order but are equally impressive. Some of these apps might not be available for older devices such as the iPhone 4. However, all other devices will be supported ranging up to the latest iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.



Waze is a Google-owned app that combines navigation and a social aspect all in one. The maps are shown in both 2D and 3D and are free for both iOS and Android users. The social aspects allow drivers to work together and notify each other of accidents, traffic, police, speeding cameras, and much more. While driving, various notifications will be presented that have been reported by others. Should the event no longer be there, you can give t a thumbs down to remove it or a thumbs up to let other on that route be notified of the event? The app also goes further to show you all types of things along your route. This includes restaurants, coffee shops, gas stations, and much more. The app works well while in major towns as more users can be found there, but while on the long road you will still have all the benefits of navigation.


Is easy to use news app that lets you literally flip through the latest updates. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can set it up to only feature the news you are interested in. There are many different filters to choose from, and the app can also notify you when major news takes place. A short description will be included with each article and will be featured in full once you tap on it.



The pocket is a great app for those who see things online, but don’t have time to read it at that moment. Pocket will add a feature to your Safari browser that lets you save any page or link. The best part about it is that when you open the app all your save pages will be there, and you will not need to refer back to Safari to read it. The page will open in the app and also include thumbnails to make sorting much easier. The app can also be synced across devices, meaning you can save a page on your device and access it on your PC at a later stage.



Soundcloud has become one of the most popular apps for music. It features a massive range of genres and something for everything to enjoy. However, the most impressive part about it is that you can be same music to your account and access it as many times as you’d like. People who enjoy the same music as you also have the ability to follow you while you can also follow others. Searching for music is easy, and the full track is available here, meaning you don’t just get a sample till you pay for it. This is also a great place for those of you who are DJ’s, sing or create some other type of music. It’s definitely a great place to make a name for yourself and get followers from around the world.

This concludes our best apps for August, we trust that all our readers will enjoy at least one of the above-mentioned apps and discover the rest of its features. We will soon have even more apps for you to enjoy and make your device even more useable. All the apps can be accessed in the Apple App Store on your device. These apps can also be enjoyed on iPad devices.

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