Portable Battery Chargers

Portable Battery Chargers

The idea of having a long battery life on your phone has been a request for a few years now, but mobile developers seem to focus on making the phones faster, thinner, and including technology that takes up more space on top of it all. This is why many companies have come up with new ways to provide longer battery life or the ability to charge your phone while on the move.

There are many options when it comes to recharging or supplying your phone with an extended battery so it will last longer. The most common options include a battery bank or a case that attaches to your phone and provides additional charge to your battery as it runs out. Both of these options are great, but with the latest technology, you can go so much further without having to charge the phone or the battery pack.



Not many people know about the solar option for your phone. Some of these come with a battery back, which is charged with a solar panel and there are cases that have a solar panel attached to the back of the device. The only problem with the battery pack is that you would need to carry it around with you, which isn’t always possibly. The case option provides the ability to charge your device from the sun without needing anything else. This will charge the phones battery directly by simply packing the phone face down in the sun. It doesn’t charge very fast but is fast enough to assist when you need it most.

Battery Pack Travel Cases

Charging your phone while traveling has always been a mission all on its own. This is why many airports now offer charging stations, which are great, but can’t always be reached when you in a hurry or don’t feel like sitting around. Many of the latest luggage options have a power bank built in, which allows you to charge your phone with a USB cable. This means you don’t have to carry anything with you, or have a case on your phone. Simply plug in the cable to your device and into the USB slot on the case and charge your phone. The battery pack comes in many sizes, which will determine how many times it can charge your device.

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