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Best Fitness Apps for Android


More and More people from around the world are choosing to eat right and get fit, which has many benefits. However, all of us have had a hard time getting into the fitness mindset while relaxing or just not feeling like getting up on those cold mornings, which is where fitness apps for Android become the perfect motivation as many features are presented with each app and users get to challenge themselves and their friends.

We have selected some of the best tried and tested fitness apps that will keep you motivated, but also offer accurate results and the features that matter the most. The list is in no particular order as they all have benefits to offer your road to fitness.


RunDouble is the perfect app to start out with for any beginner or someone who needs a bit more guidance. The app provides various features such as tracking you while you run, providing statistics on where you have improved, and much more. The impressive part is that users can set up schedules or choose one of the workout plans, which will push you to go further and get faster.

Calorie Counter
Calorie Counter is an app developed by MyFitness and offers a tremendous range of benefits when it comes to watching what you eat or how hard you need to work with that next gym session. The app provides a massive database that includes well over 4 million different types of food for you to choose from. Simply enter the app and choose the food you are eating to receive accurate results about your calorie consumption for the day. This is by far one of the most accurate counters we’ve seen as it includes serving sizes and ingredients.


NEXERCISE provides an app called Challenges, which has been created to make weight loss and exercise fun for all. The app lets you connect with friends and reach achievements as you go. The idea is to motivate users and their friends to see who hits the goals first. The app also includes an activity tracker, which will show you just how much you do without even t

Car Apps for iPhone

iphone logo

Since Apple has launched the very first iPhone it has been a favourite around the world and just became more popular as new features became available and better apps allowed us to complete all types of tasks.

Cars are also part of your everyday lives as they get us to work and back home, holidays, shopping, and many other destinations. Other than GPS apps, not many people consider other apps for the iPhone, which could actually be very useful and handy at times. Here we have created a list of only some of the apps that can be used for your car to make your life easier when it comes to remembering important facts about your car. Many of these apps will also be able to assist with maintaining and getting better fuel economy. The list below is not in any order, but definitely some of the best apps for drivers.



CarCare provides all the info you need to keep your car in perfect condition. This app will tell you when services are overdue, remind in advance when services are due, allowing you to make a booking with the dealership to have the car taken care of. The app also includes a fuel economy tracker that gives you accurate results and tells you how to better your economy. The app can keep track of multiple cars at the same time, meaning you can add all the cars in the family and keep track of what needs to be done.


DinoLicious is an app that provides everything for those who want to know how fast their cars are and what improvements the latest mods did to acceleration and speed without taking out a cent for a dino run. The app uses the phone’s accelerometer to measure acceleration, g-force, and even braking power. The app will use the information gather and place it into a graph to provide better info about your car. The app will also provide additional statistics, such as 0 – 100 times, ¼ mile times, and much more, which can then be compared to other cars.

There are many other apps to choose from that could offer a lot more than these featured here. Most are free while others range up to only $15, which is a low price for the convenience they provide.

iOS 10 – What to Expect

iOS 10

Receiving a notification on your Apple device that new software is available is always exciting as new features, and abilities present themselves. iOS 9 offers many more options for all mobile devices including iPhones and iPads of all ages.

It’s about that time of year once again where Apple is expected to announce their latest software updates, which would, of course, be iOS 10. To date, no new announcements have been released about what to expect, but here are a few thoughts from other Apple followers and us.

iOS 101

It is anticipated that Apple will drop a few of the older devices with iOS 10, including the iPhone 4s, iPad 2, and the iPad Mini 1. This is simply because these devices will not be able to keep up with the software requirements if the new software, meaning those devices would become slow and unreliable with iOS 10.

The latest software is expected to provide a much more detailed photo editing option. This means users will be able to edit photos more easily and actually edit only certain parts, instead of overlays that change the entire picture. Users can also access many additional features, which allow even more customization to pictures and photos that have been snapped just moments before.

Emojis are loved and used by all to better describe everything they say. iOS 10 is expected to have a lot more of these faces and pictures that c an be used in texts, social media or to add to photos for more effect. It’s been said that at least another 70 can be expected, but once again, nothing has been confirmed by Apple.

Seri will be upgraded completely. This new addition to her will include better software, more options, and become the perfect personal assistant even more. Seri has already been updated to offer a huge range of features and options that make things so much easier, so we are excited to see what Apple could possibly do to improve her options even more.

The 3D touch feature will also become a lot more useful as Apple will be offering many more choices and features with this option, which will also expand into the notifications bar and settings bar that slides up at the bottom. It’s expected to offer a lot more features and customization to provide the complete Apple package.

Best Apps for Windows Phones

windows phone logo

Windows operating systems might not be the biggest or considered the best, but the fact is there are still millions of people who like the interface and enjoy the features it offers along with Windows 10 for PCs. These devices provide a wide range of apps and features for users to enjoy, which offers entertainment, games, customization apps, and much more. Here are some of the best apps for your Windows smartphones and tablets.

Crossy Bird

Crossy Bird

Crossy Bird is a game specially made for Windows. Users need to get the bird across a busy road with careful planning to ensure the birds don’t get run over. There are multiple levels in the game, which become more challenging. Players can also use multiple birds at the same time, making it quite difficult to complete te task at hand as soon as possible.

Tetra Lockscreen

Tetra Lockscreen falls under the customization category and provides options to change the features of your lock screen. The app is free and provides various options that change the lock screen and the info it displays. This means users can stop certain things from appearing there or add more things like a calendar, activity tracker, the date and time, and much more.


Many people use Dropbox on both PC and Mac, not to mention all the other smartphone devices. Dropbox is basically an online storage system that provides users with the ability to save items on the net and access them on other devices or to just allow users to access them in case the device is lost.
Dropbox on Windows Mobile is easy to use and provides all the folders that have been created from other devices. The app will allow you to add new folders, add items to existing folders, which could even include apps, books, pictures, videos and much more.

App Folder

App Folder makes it easier to use your device when looking for certain apps. For example, if you have a lot of apps, it might become annoying to find just the photo editing apps, or just games, which is where App Folder is perfect. This app allows you to create folders and place apps of the same category in there for easy access.

Forex Trading Apps

Trading 212

Forex Trading is now in demand more than ever. After seeing how much the top dogs on Wall Street make, it’s only natural that everyone would want a slice of the pie. There are many apps to choose from that will provide all the features and info needed to turn your mobile device into a Forex trading machine, but what are the best to use and why?

Trading 2121

Trading 212

Trading 212 is a lot more than just a Forex app as it provides a massive range of stocks as well. No matter where you are in the world, you will be able to use Trading 212 on any smart device. Currently, users will be able to choose from 3 currencies, which will simply convert your funds from your currency into USD, GBP, or EUR. Additional investment opportunities include oil, gold, and just about any other form of trading you can think of.

One of the best benefits of Trading 212 is that users can have both a real account and practice account at the same time. This gives you the ability to follow stocks with the practice account as the results are real. The real account uses real money and rewards the exact same as the practice account. Furthermore, the app does not require massive fees and can be accessed on PC as well.


Stash is the new app on the block and seems to amaze with its features and the fact that users can invest with an account balance of just $5.00. The app also allows anyone in the world to use it and invest in various forex markets, company stocks, and more.

Stash was created after market research took place as to why many people don’t invest, which is why they have made the app easy to use with options everyone can understand. The app with also provide guidance and inform you when too many of one type of stock is purchased. The app comes with a low fee of $1.00 per month, giving users access to a massive list of markets and advice to assist those who are just starting out.

Most amazing Apple Watch Apps

Apple iWatch is the latest gadget for Apple fans everywhere. The “watch” provides a huge range of functions and options for users, which means you no longer need to pull your iPhone out to access the quick tasks.

The watch will provide notifications about your day, track your fitness, and offer a massive range of features with apps that are added regularly to both improve user options, but also to expand on functionality for the device. Up to now, a large range of apps are available for the iWatch, which all offer different features and options. Here are the best apps for these devices along with the benefits they offer.

Complicate It 1

Complicate It

Complicate it works a lot like a notepad for your iWatch, meaning anything you need to remember or write can be saved with this app by just saying what needs to be added. The app also allows users to control the device with voice control, which worlds a lot like Seri. However, this app will leave the text on your screen and allow you to see the info later, making it very easy to remember numbers or detailed info.

Traffic Monitor

Traffic Monitor is an app on the iWatch that provides users with the ability to check how much data, memory and much more is being used at any time. The app is easy to use and provide detailed info for users. The app also includes a speed test for the device as well as your internet connection at your current location.

Lose It!

Lose It is the perfect app for those of us who want to lose a few pounds after the holidays. The app allows users to set up goals, enter info about what they eat, and much more. Since te app in connected to your iPhone, it will also track your steps and tell you the amount of energy burned for the day. Forgetting to input info will not be a problem as the watch will send notifications to remind you.

FlashCard Plus

FlashCard Plus is the best app for students as they can use it to test themselves. Simply input the info about your studies on the watch to access it later and test yourself throughout the day. The app has proven particularly useful with dates and names for history exams or remembering how to calculate certain things in math.

Best and Most Rewarding Shopping Apps for iPhone


Shopping is a massive part of every ones lives, but hunting for the best deals and getting break prices always makes the purchase so much more worth it. There are many apps that can be used to receive the best deals and that offer additional rewards such as gift cards and real cash. Not many users are aware of these apps and rewards that become available with your normal shopping.



ShopKick has made our list as users will be able to earn cash back rewards in the form of real money and gift cards in 3 different ways. The app is free and offers these rewards to anyone who has it. The rewards begin by just walking into the doors of a featured store, meaning you don’t have to buy anything to already see the benefit of this app. Scanning barcodes or purchasing items earns you, even more, rewards.

Just for signing up, you will receive 50 points that already increases your power to take advantage of the benefits. The app also includes exclusive discounts for app users, which can only be accessed on the app. The app is easy to use and includes various shops such as Walmart, Stop and Shop, Best Buy, and more.


iBotta rewards on a whole new level. Here you will receive rewards for simply scanning your receipts after shopping. This app rewards for regular grocery shopping, meaning anything from a quick afternoon shopping session to monthly shopping will be rewarded on the app as long as you scan your receipt.

The app provides various features of which the most impressive is the “What’s Hot” option. Here you will see all the hottest items that offer the most rewards. The app shows these rewards in dollar value, meaning you see exactly what you earn with a full description, definitely a great way to save on monthly shopping sprees. The app can also be used at various shops such as Best Buy, Amazon, and many more. The app rewards real cash that can be transferred into your account to be used for anything else.

Best Driving Apps

Speedo App

Mobile phones are used so often and more often than not while driving as they offer useful features such as navigation, giving you traffic info, reading incoming messages and much more. As you can imagine, thousands of these apps offer a range of features that can provide quite a lot of info about your driving style or even additional info that many of us don’t consider on a daily basis.

Speedo App1

Speedo Apps

Many apps provide info about your driving speed, the amount of G-force and much more. Some apps can be paired with an OBD2 dongle that gets plugged into your car and provides info from the management system. This allows users to see detailed reports about their driving style and where they could save on fuel by following certain steps. The apps that don’t use the dongle will still provide a range of features, but no detailed reports about your car or how it performs. These apps can be set to offer a lot more info that your standard management system.
Some of these apps offer additional features such as GPS and tracking. This allows the user to access the features from the app while navigating, which can later be used to assess data about how the drive went and where things could have been better.

Gas Apps

People around the world are feeling the effects of the oil crisis as fuel prices rise. Users will find there is a range of apps that offer massive benefits when it comes to filling up or working out how long your tank will last with certain routes.
Some of the most impressive features include showing you where the closest filling station is along with their prices. This means users can shop around and find the best deal, which could be at the station closest to your house, which you never knew existed. The app can also be used to calculate your current fuel usage to improve savings and fuel economy.

Parking Apps

This is the most impressive on our list of apps. All of us have found looking for a spot frustrating, especially over weekends. However, now some apps have the ability to give you live updates on where spots are available. Simply open the app and it will provide the nearest accessible location, which wouldn’t only save you time, but gas as well.

Best Galaxy S6/S7 Edge Apps


Samsung has managed to provide a massive range of mobile devices that has impressed users every time. The latest Edge feature on the devices is by far the most impressive as it offers a lot more options and functions for users to take advantage of. Many apps provide additional features for the Edge feature that enhance your device and functionality even more. These apps are available for other devices, but with the Edge device, it is without a doubt more user-friendly and usable. Below, we will look at a few of these apps and the extra features they provide your Edge device.

Quick Launch

Quick Lanch is actually a standard app for Samsung devices, but sometimes requires a download for the Edge devices. Once installed, users will be able to access a range of apps on the Edge of their screens even when the device is locked. Setting up the app only takes a few minutes and allows users to add any installed app to the quick launch feature, which gives you instant access when swiping your finger up and down on the edge of the display.

3C Toolbox

3C Toolbox

3C Toolbox is a one-stop app for all the controls on your device. The app allows users to take control of running apps, enhance battery live, manage your apps as well as CPU usage among many other things to enhance your experience. In fact, the all has so many options that can be used to take control that all can’t be mentioned in a single article. However, the apps also provide various edge features, which is what we are focused on.

Going into the app and tapping on all app settings, followed by notifications. A list of actions will appear, which include battery live, data usage, CPU usage and much more. Download the required ones and enable them to use the edge feature by going back to notification packages and into settings. The edge will now provide this information on the screen when you swipe up or down on the edge when the device is locked.

Best Apps for Blackberry Smartphones

Tunein Radio

Blackberry used to be the most popular mobile phone back when BBM was still available. Everyone has one of their devices as it offered unlimited internet, free chat, and many other features for its users, which has not turned into smartphones that offer a lot more features and options.
The device might not be at the top anymore, but still a great phone to have as it provides amazing features and options with the same easy to use interface. Users also have access to a massive range of apps, which include some useless, but also some great ones to make the device even more impressive. Here are some of the best apps that every Blackberry user should have.

Tunein Radio1

Tunein Radio

Tune in Radio is a great app to add to the device as it provides various features to enjoy at any time. The app is easy to use and offers various filters to help you find the type of music you most enjoy. Select one of the filters to find international stations to best feed your desire for good music. Podcasts and various other forms of music can be enjoyed with this free app.


Tapto keeps you in touch with the world on another level. This news app lets you take full control with the way news in shown, how it’s filtered, what type of stories are you interested in, and much more. The app will include all the latest national or international stories on a single page, making it news heaven for anyone who simply keeps up with trends or uses international news stories to make investments.

PicShop Lite

PicShop Lite provides a quick, easy to use photo editing tool that lets to change various aspects to any picture on the stop. The app is both users friendly with many others and also include a massive range of filters to choose from. Furthermore, users can cut, crop, and apply many other adjustments to any picture to bring the very best out in your moments. Files are saved to the device, making it easy to share with social media or send to friends via chat.