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Day Planner with Google Calender

Google Calender 1

Google Calendar has been popular ever since the first Android devices became available. Users had the ability to plan out their day, create reminders, set birthday reminders, and to just keep track of your day as you go.

However, many who use the feature have realized that life doesn’t always allow you to get to things you need to or really want to. Something like a flat tire on the way to a meeting or friends unexpectedly coming over when you have exercise planned could have a bit of an adverse effect on your goals.

Google Calender

The latest version of the Google Calendar lets you take back the control as the app how has the option to change things around when the unforeseen events happen. The app will actually plan your day for you, allowing you to get to everything needed. This means you no longer need to move things around, try to plan out your day, especially when you don’t have time. Users will be able to delay events no matter what happens. The app will automatically adjust your day and allow you to fit in as much as possibly still. If you missed the meeting completely, the app will remove it and place other things in its place, which also goes for cancellations.

With these features and those that have been offered with the app from the beginning, you will find yourself getting a lot more done as the app with move things up. For example, if a meeting get canceled and you have an hour open, the app will fill in that time with another small event that you had to remember, such as sending an important email or making a doctor’s appointment.

Users will find a lot more can get done with simple reminders that suggest things when you do not consider them. Taking time for a quick workout or requesting that the app moves it up for you has never been easier. The app lets you set your schedule as to how often you would like to work out and how long. The app finds the time for these goals, which will be suggested, but can be changed as well.

Multi-function for iOS9

Multi-function for iOS91

Apple has made a split screen view feature available for iOS 9 on iPad Mini 4, iPAd Air 2, as well as the new iPad Pro. The function takes multi-tasking to the next level by allowing users to use 2 apps at the same time. This means you can search, while writing, share while on social media, look up addresses while planning a holiday, and so much more.

The feature has become huge for all users of the devices mentioned above, but Chrome is definitely a favourite. Many people use Google Chrome on all their devices as it offers various features, fast browsing, and options that provide multi-tasking abilities.

Multi-function for iOS9

Users will be able to use the feature on the smaller iPad’s, but it was actually meant for the 12.9 inch iPad Pro version. The screen is much bigger, making the multi-tasking option more usable and featureful.

Users will be able to use this option with just about any app. It simply splits the screen into 2 and provides 2 screens where different apps can be used. Here are a few useful features that can be taken advantage of that you might not have considered.

Music while Navigating

With the split screen option, users can open a navigational app such as Google Maps while splitting it with iTunes. Not only will you be able to see where you need to go, but the option to change songs will be shown as well without changing apps.

Holiday Planning

We’ve all forgotten something while going on a trip. The iPad Pro split feature will allow you to split your planner or notes with your browser or any other app where you need to get information from. This will allow you to copy and paste between apps, create shopping lists, and much more, which having all the required info on the screen while doing so.

Skype and Plan

Millions of people around the world use Skype to communicate with friends, family, or business. Many times the conversation includes something you need to remember, which is easy as Skype can be split with the Reminders app, Notes, or any other apps you might prefer. You can also split Skype with media or your browser to instantly share files, links, and much more.

TouchID on iPhone 6 and Newer


The TouchID feature has been available since 2014 with the first release of the iPhone 6. The feature allows you to instantly sign into your phone by holding your finger on the home button. Users will find the feature is easy to use and highly secure.

Users are able to program more than one fingerprint on their devices that allow you to unlock the phone with different fingers for different grips or to allow other trusted users to unlock your phone. The feature basically automatically puts in your password, but should you need to open with a code, you can just swipe to the left as usual.

TouchID 1

Many users are unaware that the feature can be used with individual apps as well. The feature allows you to program your iTunes password this way, meaning you do not have to enter your password each time you download an app. Simply hold your finger on the home button and it will enter the password for you.

Many of us prefer passwords on certain apps such as email, cloud accounts, chats, and much more. However, these passwords are not always safe as others might see you enter the code without you knowing, which is why the TouchID is so useful. The feature unlocks the app within a second and others will never know what the actual password is.


DropBox is one of the most popular online storage apps that can be accessed by your mobile device or PC. This allows you to store contacts, media files, and just about anything else and still have access to it even if your device goes missing or has been replaced. The app also works well with the TouchID feature, which will automatically input the password created for your account.


PayPal is an online banking service that allows you to purchases various items and services online, meaning it needs to be secure and kept safe. The TouchID works brilliantly with this app as well, which once again enters your password for you when the home button is touched. Users will still be able to enter the password manually, but as an added security feature, the TouchID provides your password in a hidden manner no matter where you are.

Allo and Duo


Allo is one of the latest chat apps from Google that allows you to do anything within a conversation you could possibly need. The app comes with Google Assistant combined with chat features for private and group chats. This means you can interact with the assistant while chatting or even use the assistant to assist in the chat, making it easy to access information do searches, posts, and all types of other things you usually couldn’t do with chat or had to go to another app to get the information.


Users can access their agenda to make reservations, share things you still need to get to or access Google to find a restaurant to meet up at later that day. With the assistant at hand, you will be able to make set reminders, send locations, and just about any other task required in the chat.

The app also includes Smart Reply that will be able to come up with replies in your writing style based on the content that others have sent you. Not only will this app make the messages relate to the content, but it will also include expressions such as emojis.

The app also comes with Duo. This is a new way of doing video calls as it includes many more features and options. The Google team is working on making the app function even with slower network speed. This means you will have the ability to do video calls much faster and not be cut off in poor conditions. Google will also include a knock-knock feature that shown you a video of who’s calling before you answer.
Google will combine these apps to create the ultimate chat and call app to communicate with friends and family around the world. The app will be in competition with strong competition as both FaceTime and Skype fall directly into that category.

Both Allo and Duo will work with your mobile number, allow users to contact anyone on their contact list with either option. The app will be available for both iOS and Android within this year.

AccuWeather App

AccuWeather App

Getting a weather app that provides all the features and options you desire might be challenging at times, which is why we recommend AccuWeather. The app has been available for a while on both Android and iOS to provide users with a massive selection of settings and options. The great part about the app is that these options can be left as standard without leaving you int eh dark about anything taking place weather wise. The app is considered one of the most accurate among its current users.

AccuWeather App1

The basics include all the features you could possibly desire. Users will be able to access a 15-day forecast. Use the real feel feature to find out about current temperatures that give you the temperature by combining air pressure, humidity and many other aspects. This gives you an idea of what the weather is like outside for those days you want to play sports, get some work done around the house, or simply find out what expected for the afternoon.

The app will ensure you are always aware of what’s happening with the weather and what to expect as detailed reports can be accessed hourly. The app will send notifications about sudden changes in weather and warn you about torrential rains, hail storms, heavy snow or any other hazardous weather conditions.

Graphs about the wind speed and direction will be shown for the day along with UV, humidity, and what weather conditions are currently. Scrolling ahead throughout the day or week will show rain, overcast, sunny, and any other conditions that might come your way.

The app also offers a world weather feature where you can add cities around the world to keep track of conditions before planning a weekend away or keep an eye on the weather where friends and family are. Users will be able to access worldwide weather news to find out about any serious conditions that might be expected. This feature is always updated and once again notifies members in and around that area.
The app will also track your location if allowed, which will automatically update to provide weather conditions for the current location. Travelling or visiting another country will be easy as the app does everything for you, while still providing information about the cities you have selected.

Spaces: the Latest Answer to Group Sharing


Search, share, browse with a single tap from any applications with Spaces, the latest app for Android and iOS devices that will change the way you share and group chat forever.

We’ve all found that creating a group is relatively easy with Facebook, Whatsapp, and many other chat options and social media applications. Then again, we’ve all experienced how difficult it can be to keep to the topic, or how annoying it is to go and search information, copy it, and then get it to the group chat when they have all started talking about something else. Even when the conversation stays on topic and everyone starts to include links, pictures, and much more, but when you try to return at a later stage to access that info, it’s a whole new mission to scroll through.


Spaces is an app with sharing, and accessing the information you want easy and sharing it within seconds. Finding related pictures, videos, websites, and anything else will take seconds as the app comes with Chrome, YouTube, and Google Search, built in.

Members of the group will never have to miss out on any shares as the app will notify members about what’s currently being discussed in the ground. This makes it a lot easier to catch up when you have a moment and easily share something without ever leaving the app and searching for that one picture that’s perfect for the moment.

All users will have the ability to call up previously shared items when they need that information, want to save a picture, or watch that video again. Just press the search button and type in the name of the item or filter through items to find exact what you want. The app will save all the sent items and provide the required info within the blink on an eye.

Adding more members is easy as the app will provide a link that can be shared via messaging, social media, email, and just about any other way you can think of. The app is available to app Android, iOs, smartphones, and tablets, but other devices can access the group via the internet.

Gboard for iPhone


Gboard has recently been released for iPhones users, which provides a keyboard experience that offers all the extras you’ve always wanted among a lot more. Instantly access information to send a wider range of emoji’s, GIF files, and much more right from your keyboard while typing a message.

The app has been designed to provide users with all the info they need while in messenger, email, or any social media app. We’ve all experienced the difficulty of finding an address, place, video, or picture to quickly send while in chat. Usually, this results in going to another app and trying to copy the information with those dots they highlight the info with, which doesn’t always make things easier.


Gboard will include a G logo on your keyboard and only interfere with your typing when pressed on. However, once you press on it, a new world of information will be available. Users can do a Google search right from the keyboard without exiting any app you are currently using.

With this new software, you can type in restaurant names and find the results on your screen. Select the correct one and hit send. The details will be forwarded to whomever you are chatting to or added to any social update you are currently busy with.

Users will be able to enter any information just as you would with a Google search. The information will appear in a smaller window, which includes the most related posts to your search. Users will be able to search for songs, movies, videos and much more, which would take the recipient directly to the page you’ve selected, the location on Maps, or any other form or link you might have selected.

The app doesn’t require the recipient to have the app as well. Gboard simply makes it easier to do the searches and tasks easier and faster while busy with anything where your keyboard is needed. The app has been developed but has not been added to the iStore. However, we are sure the app will be added soon for all users to take full advantage of and enjoy sending any type of link and info within seconds.

Tap to Translate for Android


Tap to Translate is one of the latest additions to the Android options for users. Need to translate or have something translated for you? Well, things have just become a lot easier with Tap to Translate from Google, which can be accessed in any app or feature where you need it.

Extensive marketing has been done in many countries around the world to find out what the most annoying part is about using a translator on an Android device. Among many answers, the fact that you need to copy and paste into Google was the most common, which is why the feature is now available with many different applications on the device.


After installation, you will be able to access the feature by pressing the 3 dots in the top right-hand corner, select the feature and gain all the benefits. While in chat such as Whatsapp, you can translate messages received or translate text you are about to send.

Google has also made the app a lot smaller by not including all the languages with the download. However, users will be able to download packages to cover the languages required, making the download a lot smaller. The feature will also be available offline as previous versions became difficult due to interrupted data connections.

The feature can be used for a lot more than just changing text while in chat. Users can translate pages online, emails received, PDF documents, and much more. As mentioned, the app is available in all applicable applications, making it more useful and faster as you no longer need to copy and paste any of the text you need to translate.

The developer has also included a new feature that lets you translate anything you see in the real world. The app will require a picture of the board, menu, sign, or anything else you need to understand with which it will analyze the writing and change it to English. This means there is no need to rush off to a Google search and try to get the spelling right of the item you need to translate.

New Update For Calender on Android

Google Calender Android

Google has recently made news available about their latest offering for Android devices. This does not refer to a new app, but rather an improvement of a current one that allows you to easy make conference calls with Google calendar that automatically enters the passcode for you.

No many people use the conference call option on their devices, but those who do, simply can’t live without it. This feature provides users with the ability to talk to more than one person at a time, meaning a 3 ways call is possible. With the latest technology, users can call many more users at the same time.

Google Calender Android1

Most of these conference calls require a passcode before you can join in, which eliminates the possibility of someone listening in who wasn’t invited in the first place. These codes can become somewhat long, especially when they are sent out by corporations, which is where Google’s latest calendar app will provide the perfect solution.

Once the new update has been launched and installed, users will find the calendar can do a lot more. Now, the app will be able to access your notes and emails when information such as conference call passcodes and times come in, meaning the app won’t just remind you of the call, but it will also enter the passcode and allow you to simply connect and get on with your business.

The app can only offer this feature is the info was received on the device in email or note form otherwise users will still be required to enter the information manually. If the email has been opened on another device but was also sent to the smartphone, users can reopen the email and add it to calendar events, which would have the same effect and remember the passcode.

Google also provides many other features with this app as users can set up various events, have emails automatically added to your events as well as birthdays and special occasions. The app has been around for a few years now and manages to impress with each update as brilliant new features make the everyday lives of all a lot easier.

Apps Worth Having on any Tablet


There are so many types of tablets as new developers seem to pop up from all over, and they all provide Android software. Users can choose from brands ranging from Samsung to Google, which features the identical software, but completely different hardware. No matter what hardware you have, the apps will always be most important, which is why we present the best apps to have on your new Android tablet.



Many users switch from a Kindle reader to a tablet as it provides more features. Luckily, Kindle can now also be accessed with Android apps, meaning you can sign in and transfer all your books to your new device. Downloading new books is also easy, and purchases can occur on either device, making it very convenient. New users can also get the app and enjoy the massive range of books featured of which many free ones are included.


Downloading many apps at the same time or trying new one could lead to viruses being installed on your new tablet. Bitdefender is a free app that provides amazing defense against any unwanted apps or programs trying to attach themselves to your device.

Appy Geek

Appy Geek is that app you need to already plan for your new tablet and finding out what your current one is capable of. The app provides all the technical news not only for the mobile world but also to do with computers and many other electronics. The app can be customized to feature the news you are most interested in.

BBC News

BBC News will provide all the other news that Appy Geek can’t. The BBC News app will offer news on the latest stories around the world. Users can also setup the app and take advantage of notifications that alert you as they flow in. The app also has a widget that gives you the headlines and keeps you up to date throughout the day. The app is easy to use and a must for all new tablets.


Crackle your movie theater within your tablet. Here you can enjoy movies and series from anywhere and enjoy the latest as they are released. Crackle is free to download, but will require an account before the movie action will begin.