More Info On OrangePixel’s New Game Gunslugs!!

 It’s no secret that here at The App Shack, we’re HUGE OrangePixel fans. Though we enjoy some games more than others, there’s no denying that the OrangePixel developers are masters of retro platforming. So there’s no surprise that we get extremely excited whenever we hear some news about a new OP title. This time, they’re reaching back to their Run’N’Gun title, INC, for inspiration, and giving us Gunslugs, described by OP as a ‘chaotic, run’n’gun, rogue-like inspired action game’. Sounds good, no? 
OrangePixel has also just uploaded another video for the game early this morning, check it out;
Granted, Gunslugs is still in it’s beta stages, but it’s already looking like one hell of a great game. Not only does it look incredible, but Gunslugs will also be the very first OrangePixel game to include procedurally generated levels, making each and every game different. Not only that, but you’re only given one life (which is where the ‘rogue-like inspiration’ comes from) to take out as many enemies as you can.

As you might have guessed, we’ll share more information as it becomes available throughout the development process, and you can expect to see Gunslugs hit the AppStore before the end of the year! We seriously can’t wait! 

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