Space Tripper goes on sale for $0.99!

After 3 and a half years, and a crazy amount of work, effort and dedication that very few of us will ever experience, PomPom and TrueAxis gave iOS gamers one of the most amazing titles to ever hit the AppStore. Ever. Space Tripper is an arena based shooter with 4 levels of difficulty across 14 levels. There’s also endless Score Attack and Challenge Modes, with each of the 14 levels available for the Score Attack Mode, and 4 different Challenges. After playing pretty much nothing but Space Tripper for weeks after getting it, it climbed the charts of my own personal favorites list, clawing and scratching it’s way to the top, eventually finding the #1 spot on my ‘Best of 2011’ list, and shortly after, winding up as my #1 favorite iOS game EVER.
If you haven’t checked out this amazing game yet, make sure you grab it, and tell everyone you know about it!! Help get this game the attention it rightfully deserves!

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