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Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is the latest and greatest game that everyone seems to play worldwide. The game has attracted, young, old, Pokemon pros, and even those who are completely new to getting to know the different characters and what the game is all about. The game uses geolocation that provides a gaming opportunity like no other. Players get to actually catch Pokemon in the real world by using their smartphones or tablets. This means walking down the street could result in finding a unique Pokemon, which also makes it a game with some exercise benefits.

The game has managed to break various records when it was released. Nintendo released the game only a few days ago and it has already managed to increase their stock by more than 50%, resulting in more than $10 billion in growth. The company has released many games with Pokemon of which Pokemon Go is their biggest and most successful.

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The game is free from both the iOS store and Android. There are optional purchases within the game, but these are not required when you know where to go and get the things you need. So far, the only reason you would have a reason to spend money on the game is when you need Pokeballs or have run out of other supplies.

However, as mentioned, there are other ways to get other these needs and find the things you need to level up and advance through the stages of the game. The best way to do this is to gather a group of players and create a level up party. Drive or walk to a destination where various Pokestops are available within a smallish area. These are common within shopping centers, busy parks, town squares, and even churches. Finding an area with as many of these locations would be ideal.

To level up fast, gather all the items around the area, but also place a lure at least Pokestop. Catch the Pokemon that appears and watch as your points increase and get you closer to the next level. More Pokemon will react to these lures and a popular area, which is why we strongly recommend using this method to boost your points without taking a cent from your pocket.

If you need other items such as Pokeballs or supplies, wait at the Pike stop after catching the Pokemon that appear. This will provide new supplies and Pokeballs once the Pokemon have been there. In busy areas, you will be able to repeat this feature and get everything you need. Choosing a location with many of these stops in a small area, allows you to move around and get different types of supplies.

Using the method mentioned will not only ensure you level up a lot faster or that you will find some amazing Pokemon, it also ensures you get all the supplies you need within a short period of time. Doing this on a regular basis ensures that you always have everything you need to make the best of the game.

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