Cool Fitness Assistant before the Winter Belly Becomes Permanent

Carrot Fit

In current times, the cultural climate demands that developers use a soft-soft approach in the presentation of their fitness apps. Not so with Carrot Fit, whose developers clearly think nothing of delivering a clean, swift, accurate kick up the butt whenever it may be called for to get your potbellied backside of the couch and duly oblige with its recommended fitness routine.

This delivers a very handy tool to those feeling that they could withstand a little tough love to improve their fitness levels and general health, Carrot Fit certainly fits the bill on all levels. The app has been on the market for a couple of years and may be, but will not necessarily have to be taken completely seriously. In contrast to the greater multitude of serious fitness apps out there, this one is meant to provide a bit of fun along with tons of abuse to kick your fitness levels substantially higher up through its army style boot camp training regime.

Carrot Fit1

If you’re extremely serious about your training then this one is not for you, despite the fact that it will deliver the goods with aplomb. In it the average couch potato will find something that will have them moving and shaking, losing fat, while improving their general health through a dollop of nature’s very own best medicine called laughter. If you need a bit of humour each of the couch give this one a definite whirl. The app is currently only available on iOS, downloadable for free from the Apple Store, with a number of in app purchases.

Fooducate, delivers a friendly, for more serious, virtual weight-loss coaching program that utilises every possible opportunity to maximise its efforts in helping its user make positive changes in their lives. The app UI offers crisp, clean, sleek lines with beautiful aesthetics, available on both Android and iOS. Fooducate delivers a complete package that allows a heavily customisable goal setting routine, with precision requirements that allow its users to learn a massive amount along the way, it covers topics that include MSG’s, allergies and a number of other subjects.

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