Glossy New Notes Manager StickyBrain Removes Mobile Sync


Stickies are the virtual comparable of the Post-It notes, and have over the years built up a long history with Apple which dates back over a decade to the Mac System 7.5 release in 1994. The utility was pushed to the backburner and became a bit of an afterthought to Apple who deleted the useful little scraps of virtual note paper from its finder into a dashboard widget with the start of OS X Tiger.


Chronos developers quickly dispensed of its personal third-party engagement its concept after realising that Mac owners became award of their vibrant desktop notes. However good ideas won’t stay hidden for long, and now StickyBrain has been given a new lease on life for use by the younger generation. The app still offers the familiar feel and looks originating from Apple’s built-in Notes, StickyBrain making a case for itself offers several new improvements such as customisable background colours and hierarchical folders. The relaunched version of StickyBrain offers a completely new design having been remade from ground its level with the assistance of Apple’s latest Swift software programming, which resulted in a much faster, leaner note manager.

The latest app makes it a doddle to speedily find whatever users may be searching for by organising its information into hierarchical folders. The developers Chronos compares their latest StickyBrain app to a massive drawer where its users may deposit their uncategorised, jumbled information, which may include photos, screenshots as well as text files that might have been imported from other third-party apps via basic formatting intact, this would include information from your ancient Apple Stickies. As a bit of the old and familiar, the latest app still retains colour schemes thereby reminding one of the one good reason why the original gained such popularity in the first place.

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