7 Best iPhone Widgets

Until not too long ago widgets and their immense everyday practicality were exclusive to the domain of the dwellers from android land, fortunately Apple set this right soon after the launch of the iPhone 6 larger screened peer the iPhone 6+. With the continual development and improvements of iOS widgets the Today view further improve widget functionality by delivering widgets directly into the Notification Centre.


IOS buffs can access their widgets directly from the notification centre with a single flick of the thumb without the need to back page or tab away from an open app. Widgets improved the lives of their users as well as iPhone functionality tremendously with users having all forms of information instantly available at all times. All the user has to do to join the converted masses is to enable their widgets the questions which of them are the best of their kind, hopefully the below discussion will enlighten and assist.

Fantastical 2 combines all reminders and calendar notifications into a “at a glance”fully interactive instantly accessible widget, where users can thumb-tap dates to instantly access a quick view of your historical future.

Clips works best with its multiple clipboards enabling users to retrieve and add snippets of text. It functions just like being able to access multiple clipboards instantaneously always at ready to paste or copy whatever information users may require with full compatibility between apps and the web.

Pedometer++ shows how many steps or your counted paces for the day, or whatever period users might have chosen to view or keep record of on any given day week or month with a full histogram of activities.

Deliveries provides online shoppers with ability to keep track of and view all of the items you may have purchased and ordered from Amazon, Apple, UPS, or FedEx as well as any other shipped packages you might be expecting, including each package’s last status.

Dark Sky is meant for all the weather watchers, and if Apple’s Today weather summary is not sufficient, Dark Sky gives users an indication what they could expect of the weather during the next 60 minutes based on their immediate location.

PCalc widget provides basic division, multiplication, subtraction, addition, as well as percentages nestled within the Notification Center, with users able to toggle between a full calculator and one displaying only your last result.

TeeVee 3, provides users with a quick view of all available upcoming television shows and the channels they will air on and will only display information about the channels available in your area.

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