BetSoft Content With iGaming Tech


The on-line casino industry has been witness to an ever increasing level of regulatory influences during the past several years, with Italy taking the lead in the passing of regulations to become one of the first countries to receive tax revenues raised from the gambling industry.


This incentivised the Italian government to act highly aggressively to prevent and deter unlicensed competitors from illegally operating in the local market, and this is the reason why the newly closed agreement that makes BetSoft’s gaming library titles legally available to all players within the Italian market, enjoys such a big fanfare in the media. iGaming Tech provides Betsoft with legal entry via a gaming platform from the company that is currently legally licensed in the closed and jealously guarded Italian arena. This comes about from the latest new deal between iGaming Tech and BetSoft, which includes all BetSoft titles that is now offered as part of this legal gaming platform.

A highly important first drop in a series drops that will potentially turn into a flood of new entertainment titles, to players that to date have never legally enjoyed the benefit of the renowned software developers high quality gaming creations before. The move also opens previously un-explorable avenues for BetSoft to another relatively untapped level of expansion contained within this protected market. In addition it offers iGaming Tech the opportunity to improve, expand, and strengthen their gaming portfolio with a greater number slots on offer, also the ability for them to offer, unmatched in quality, products from a pioneer and world leader in the quality of on-line slot gaming creations. One of the factor that provides the deal with the greatest impact is that the offered BetSoft content comprises their entire gaming portfolio and all the unique features and entertainment it has to offer.

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