Starburst Slot App – A Mobile Field of Dreams


One of the more interesting apps to hit the market recently is the Starburst mobile app developed on the NetEnt Touch platform. The slot uses a cosmic theme, and true to the Scandinavian firm’s ability to impress with virtually any given theme, they outdid themselves with this one as well, brightly coloured jewels set on a hazy, sparkling starry backdrop of the cosmos as if seen from a star formation cloud.

Starburst remains to mesmerise gamers through a universe of starry wins, dazzling wilds and the both ways to win bonus feature. This mobile slot presents players with a 5reel 10 pay-line cosmology of winning features and 5 transparent leaving the reel symbols seemingly floating in the ether of space. Jewels explode, bursting into mystic star wins, a strikingly beautiful, fun slot game with vibrant 70’s arcade style graphics and a soundtrack reminiscent of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos television series mixes in to round off the energetic high-paced reels. The innovative, new starburst wild symbols and expanding wilds with free spins ensure a huge entertainment value with big wins.

This slot quickly proved itself and garnered a large following among mobile gamers like the hard-core Bejewelled fans that have now also become Starburst fanatics. This new mobile slot from NetEnt definitely proves that these Norse developers grasp the value of keeping gamers constructively entertained with a huge fun factor with its interesting play, the additional winning bonus flavours certainly helps. Player attention is immediately focused on the brightly coloured jewels that automatically take centre stage since they have no competition from the transparent reels, the reel symbols include, a multitude of gemstones cut into neon green hexagons, blue square gems, amber triangles, diamond-cut purples, diamond-cut yellows, blue balls with the classic red seven luck designs, and golden bar balls.

This mobile app is tremendously entertaining through the inherently simplistic design, and will continue doing so for a long time, most people will return after their first contact, due to the brilliant design and controls on mobile.

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