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Free Essential Apps For Students


The following apps are for those that went on a planned several years long holiday while under the auspices of furthering their academic track record through attending a college or university and now somehow finds themselves in their final year of studies with limited time to improve their record maximally in order for the past years not to be a total waste.


These apps will be able to assist you in your severe time of need, whether you want to schedule, plan, eat, study, and or save these apps will have your back and will further enhance the stereotype that young people remain glued to their smartphones. According to social studies over 90% of the younger generations check their phones before getting out of bed every morning.
The Doodle free app is available for Android, iOS, and Windows platform phones, to maximise your social time you will be requiring all your friends to download the app in order to make scheduling your life easy. The app offers the capacity to help users plan for society meetings, social events, study groups, all the host has to do is set a time and allow the app to notify all interested parties of the particular event. They will then each pick all the times that they will be available and Doodle promptly notifies the event host with the best calculated slot to suit everyone’s availability schedule.

Evernote another free app available on Android, iOS, and Windows smart phones, will help its users to work smarter. The app now officially provides support for its members through Twitter, where subscribers can contact them at @evernotehelps. Evernote does a fantastic job of syncing and revision between multiple device users. The app allows its users to work from anywhere and everywhere, while still keeping written notes, work discussions with peers synchronised between synchronised between all devices that has Evernote installed. These functions make it uber-useful for seminars and workgroups, in addition, the app features support for idea presentations, to-do lists, attach files for notes that need to be saved, PDF’s, and a variety of other documents. An incredibly cool and useful idea is the handy feature with ability to recognise text embedded in photos, this allows you to take a picture of a book, save a word and then find it later again. It will also allow you to use dictation that it will then transcribe into words, this proves to be a really useful tool to record lectures.

Android’s New Google Pay App Teases A Peek


Google’s much vaunted new payment method via its latest new app will offer much more than just allowing users to pay for the groceries via their phone, it released this latest leak peak despite the fact that all its features are not quite fully on-line as of yet.


Android Pay finally makes its debut in Google’s newest endeavour to aggressively expand into the mobile payment industry.The app and therefore Google sees several opportunities other than simply turning android phones into debit cards, the mobile giant plans to with the release of the app provide storage space for shopping give cards, special offers, as well as loyalty cards. In the near future, the app will allow users to pay for a complete range of shopping through a single tap on the user’s mobile phone.

An early peak under the bonnet of the APK’s version 1.0 reveals that a number of these feature ideas managed to make its way past the vetting board and out the design-room door but in this early pre-release version all is not quite well and sorted at the moment, but holds great hope for the near future. The new app when fully sorted will provide users with tremendous flexibility in payment options making the standard reason for carrying a wallet near superfluous as most of its purpose would now be carried out via a subscriber’s mobile phone. Android Pay would certainly make the redeeming of loyalty rewards a much simpler and more painless exercise.

Standing subscribers to Google Wallet would probably already have numerous shopping accounts set up with their favourite retailers, since the keeping of your shopping portfolio in a single accessible app made it one of the Wallet’s very best characteristics. And now you can automatically redeem free beverages, or claim discounted money off a purchase with its Auto Redeem feature.

Cream Of The Crop iOS GPS Navigation Apps


The apps under discussion are as with most navigation apps that are highly capable in delivering turn by turn directions, traffic updates, bicycle route, pedestrian, and public transport routes not new by any means, and the principal reason is that a project such as a comprehensive navigational tool is not created and launched, but takes continual development to improve and keep contemporary with the focused dedication of a highly skilled team. These apps offer a multitude of additional features that are hard to match and near faultless in execution with a logical, intuitive user-friendly interface that will assist users in finding the fastest route to and from wherever they plan to go while avoiding traffic jams and offering point of interest along the way.


CoPilot represents the best of its kind with the capacity to download offline maps. Very few paid navigational apps have a strong case against brilliant freebies such as Waze or Google Maps, except when the user requires app to have the capacity of continual off-line use. A fully featured navigational app such as CoPilot offers a brilliant capacity to navigate, especially whenever you decide to take off-road holidays and journeys, or even going overseas and not wanting to fork out big money to make use of roaming data and its accompanied inflated charges, or be dependent on Wi-Fi stopovers in order to update an app such as Google Maps or Waze. CoPilot’s maps only require to be downloaded once, preferably over a Wi-Fi network to compensate for the relatively data heavy download operation.

Google Maps remains the ultimate all round navigational app, immaterial of whether you prefer iOS or Android devices. The proprietary Apple maps that come preloaded on their iPhone products have made definite improvements in their apps, data accuracy from early heady days of its initial troubled launch. However, it is still relatively lean on features that are commonly available in several other highly capable apps, losing out heavily to Google’s Maps during daily navigational use. The Apple product still offers no references to cycling routes, whereas Google Maps is as informative as their industry-leading search engine offering you information, that is easily come by directly from its map screen, regarding the best restaurants as per user ratings, including bars, and numerous alternate forms and topics of information, users might find useful or require.

Premium Android GPS Navigation Apps

Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic1

Many smart phone users today still remember going on holiday doing cross-country trips with their parents guided only by red markers and a massive, unwieldy paper map that was normally torn of the after the first five uses, and blocked off all view the driver might have of the road through the windscreen when the passenger/navigator unfurled it. An improved alternative were map books where the navigator got lost by simply turning the page and find himself totally off the map and the following page indicated his route was 10 pages further along in the book. Considering all scenario, above drivers nowadays are spoilt by an abundance of GPS navigation apps where the quality, features and usefulness swings wildly between brilliant to barely there, which ever one you use it still a vast improvement on the paper maps of the days of yore.

Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic

Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic offers users a free Navigation app, which is partially reliant on its subscriber/user community for to relay its continually updated traffic information. The fact that it enjoys tremendous popularity is a boon that makes the information offered by the app for more relevant to enjoy much speedier updates through broadcasts posted by users already in or past the traffic problem for the benefit of other subscribers still on their way into the traffic fray. With fairly detailed information regarding the hold-up weathered be police traps, accidents or road closures. Members of the ways community can upload reports of the above traffic problems and hold-ups to relay the information to other Waze subscribers.

Maps.Me is an off-line routing and mapping app initially offered at $ 4.99, it was well worth the expense, recently became a free offering that presented users with a simple and clear UI with the added benefit that the maps are available off-line as well, with the resultant savings in data as well as still being near fully functional even with no data signal available. It certainly represents one of the best of its kind GPS navigation apps available within the Google Play Store, with the capacity to display points of interest that include petrol filling stations, bank ATMs, and public transport stations along with numerous other landmarks commuters might find useful.

Exasperatingly Addictive Android Games


Smart phones and their content have certainly come a very long way since its early inception, with quantum steps made in the improvement in the quality of the offered products. In comparison, the improvement that occurred while making its convoluted way through its early inception, to its current fully grown offering that include PC or console style gaming quality represents astounding leaps made forward in available technologies both software and hardware to bring us today’s incredible mobile software addictions. Following are a couple of smart device addictions that are just to cool to recover from willingly an intervention would probably be required.


The first mental puzzle is a game called Edge, which is incidentally a puzzle game which requires that players control a single block set on a limitless floating map with no discernible edges. The aim of the game is in safely reaching one of the map’s edges while managing not to fall off the edge. With controls and camera angles that makes it incrementally more difficult than at first glance, it soon becomes apparent that success requires careful thought and consideration with sharp problem-solving skills that need to be displayed by players to reach a solution to each level. The game’s addiction lies in the immersion level that initially allows players to fly through levels at a pretty rapid pace or training you and your mind to concentrate for longer periods of time with increased intensity. The initial quick pace and high concentration levels soon leisure in believing in your ability to defeat every level, just a falloff and respawn at your last checkpoint. Players are never offered an end of game point or screen to provide the opportunity to quit.

Dragon, Fly……yes, there is a comma between Dragon and Fly. Requires all soon to be addicted players to assist a baby dragon in running away from its mother, and since dragon babies cannot fly too well players will have to assist the little creature by guiding it down hill slopes to pick up speed, giving it enough momentum to ramp itself into the air on the next uphill. Momentum and timing are the two main key factors to successful baby dragon flights. The addiction lies in its simplicity of play as well as the length of each game where excellent players can evade Dragon mothers for 15 minutes to half an hour at a time.

The Best iOS Apps Yet To Be Discovered


Smart phone users that have been doing the rounds in all the top-end app stores for the last couple of years know where and how to find the most useful glitch free apps after many hours of research and testing by pouring your precious and limited free time into making your mobile device better. The growing multitude of available apps out there is making this a tougher task by the day. The following hidden little treasures are not always on the Best Of whatever lists, they however perform some fantastic utilitarian tasks and offer additional, highly useful features to be enjoyed on any iOS device.


Overcast is a free app for iOS, but costs from Marco Ament, the creator of Instapaper, the new app presents its users with an incredibly beautiful clean design that includes some nifty management and audio features easily make it your favourite Podcatcher ever in absolutely no time. The app caters for all basic podcatching requirements from new episode release notifications, new episode downloads, new podcast discoveries, as well as off-line playability. What differentiates this app from all of the others are to magical little audio features, the first being Voice Boost which normalizes speech sound levels by lowering loud and boosting quite voice types. The second innovative feature called Smart Speed any gaps and silences automatically during podcasts to speed up play with no audio distortion.

Horizon another free iOS app when activated, will keep all the photos and videos you may take level with the horizon. It does this by utilizing an iPhone’s integrated gyroscope, immaterial of your stance or the angle you may be forced to hold your phone at while taking photos and videos. It actively supports numerous aspect ratios, resolutions, leveling modes, offers eight featured light filters, as well as slow motion video capture. The free version imprints a proprietary watermark, including putting a lock on some of the more advanced features, all these locks can be removed by simply purchasing the app from the Apple store.

Three New iOS Apps for September


The following apps are for the discerning iOS user who prefers to not often swap between apps, but rather selects the best of its kind that that might require and stick with their preferred choices until something truly better comes along, which may take several months or even years.


Qapital, a brand new app, offers dedicated young professionals assistance in meeting their personal financial goals through its innovative feature rich mobile app for banking. It will, on a regular basis automatically save small sums of money for a rainy day when the user can then without termed financial burdens purchase luxury items they simply must have to suit and enhance their lifestyle. It provides its users with the capacity to create their own assistive savings plans whereby they will be enabled to save towards specific goals, such as putting down a deposit on a home, or buying that new dream car. Thereby providing their users with the required bankroll when needed.

In another new app development PicJoy offers its users the capacity to find those near impossible to locate photos whenever they might want them, wherever they might want them from their endlessly accumulating camera folder. The app continuously and instantly organizes all photos in the camera roll in offer you to find and locate the fighter require in a much shorter period of time. This innovative new photo organizer app employs a highly complex algorithm that allows users to tag images on the iCloud as well as iPhone accounts. Once all images have been tagged users are then free to search by season, dates, weather conditions, events, holidays, places, or even landmarks.

BuzzFeed News have launched their own proprietary app for iOS, whereby users can easily catch up on new major stories featured around the world, offering all the updates that its users might require on massive variety of topics such as politics, technology, business, or even entertainment. Its users can set up customized alerts for specific stories or events and then share them with friends using its simple, easy interface while retrieving interesting background context on major stories. It will even highlight news from other alternate major publications.

Adblock Plus Releases A First Of Its Kind Browser for Android & iOS

Adblock Plus1

One of the biggest bugbears that modern day society has to deal with when regularly perusing the internet is the virtual forest of advertising and other pop-ups that accompany each and every session on the net. Quite honestly, a lot of them are quite interesting and will distract and redirect your tension away from your original intentions and others are just irritations that spoil your precious time spent on the net.

Adblock Plus

The above-mentioned problems are actually twofold, firstly, it just plainly wastes time and secondly, and most importantly to mobile users, it is a complete waste of relatively expensive data over metered connections such as mobiles when away from Wi-Fi points. If you are one of those that are easily distracted from their intended reason for entering into an Internet search or doing research, or just plainly find pop-ups irritating and unnecessary time wasters a much more effective solution than standard web browser, pop-up blockers is now at hand.
Fortunately, and we say that with hesitation, pop-ups are a necessary evil that ensures that the web remains free for all to use at any time, as the alternative would mean paying menial fees just to enter a website or do a search. This would severely hamper and hamstring the ease of free information flow that we currently enjoy.

The solution is the newly launched Adblock Plus browser app, which is focused on the unique requirements of mobile Internet browsing and it presents an effective and trouble-free solution to the aforementioned irritations. The manufactures new mobile focused browser simply strips away all advertisements from any website you might wish to visit just like its highly popular originating desktop plug-in. The Adblock Plus browser app has now brought its advertisement dismissive capabilities to the realm of mobile devices in the shape of a new browser available to both Android, as well as iOS devices to block solicitous writings summarily according to its user’s custom profile choices and represents a first of its kind for mobile devices.

New Apps To Stop You From Getting Lost In The App Store

Angry Birds

The following review should fulfil your need to go hunting for new exciting mobile apps in your favourite App Store and thereby save hours and maybe even days while you try to find a way out of the maze that you got yourself lost in hunting for top end quality new apps to entertain yourself with in the coming weeks and months.

Angry Birds 2a

Angry Birds 2 is definitely not the second release version of this highly popular and frequently expanded gaming series, but at first glance the new game’s graphics and playing style certainly takes a strong hankering after the highly popular original that made the series. This latest version features artistic wizardry that relays the woes of these ill-tempered avians via aesthetics that appear to be the result of quick meeting between cel-shading and a kids water colouring book, the graphics certainly represents a shiny new upgrade. The latest offering is a return to true fine form after a couple of spotted detours through versions, offering role-playing, bubble popping, as well as match-these-three puzzle s styled game plays. The new gaming mechanics and an extensively revised progressive design office its first true sequel nearly 6 years after the launch of its original popularity.

Kaboom is a new mobile app that offers users the opportunity to construct their text messages, add images, to then freely share it with the public at large. 1 million other apps can do the same except for as its wonderfully aptly picked moniker suggests the message will self-destruct to totally disappear in a preset manner, this allows users to make whatever eyebrow lifting rumble raising statement they wish to make only to leave potential respondents and bait takers with no physical evidence to hang them with later….. When thoughtfully applied, it could be a truly fun way to get your friends with practical jokes, or alternatively to keep private messages truly private.

New Apps Definitely Worth Trying Out


The following roundup of new top Android apps definitely offers worthwhile download ability without having to personally get lost in the Play Store, it also offers an app or two that proved highly successful in the iOS market and now newly delivered to Android users.


Robinhood, is a serious stock market trading application that will allow subscribers to buy or sell shares directly from within the app itself as soon as the user’s account receives approval. Common transaction shares can be traded without the usual trade fees. It makes the app perfect for people on the go that are serious regarding their playing within the stock market by allowing them the freedom of not having to make trades only from the laptop or computer. This in turn could mean better profitability in the shares trading having near full control at all times, due to the capacity to stay connected and ability of conducting transactions wherever they may choose to find themselves. Robinhood to date racked up over billion dollars in shares transactions from its iOS subscribers this year alone, and now it is available to Android users sporting a brand-new smart sleek design.

Fallout Shelter, an offshoot of the acclaimed and highly popular PC game Fallout Shelter which is a post-apocalyptic open world quest game, is a not so serious but hugely fun game app that allows users to keep and develop their underground civilisation healthy and running trouble free. The challenges players to take control of their personal underground survivalist base, requiring them to expand on a room by room basis while keeping other survivors happy and alive. This hugely popular gaming app drew massive attention from iOS gamers after its launch in June and now Android users finally able to join in and also be drawn into its and ending an increasingly complicated web.